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RHH: ask Negrodamus?

He has all the answers to life's great questions.

Audience Member: Negrodamus, will Arsenio Hall ever have a show again?

Negrodamus: Yes. Arsenio Hall will have a new show called "Good Morning, Black America". It will be played at noon throughout the country.

so ask good people whats on your mind. (lmao, this is gon be fun)



In Lactose Free Milk? nothing, except it gets rid of tha bulemic demons that overtakes u. blame Nicole Ritchie. lol

Update 2:

is that before or after tha last girl u got tha lapdance? (hint hint, she was infected)

Update 3:

Yes, its called Crispix. Used by white americans. next question?

Update 4:

You were going to ask if you'll ever move out of your mother's house, and I predict, you will try, and at 35, a month later, you'll be right back still getting breastfed. next?

Update 5:

Our next President will be Barack Obama, yes, but then will Monica Lewinsky's daughter, will be sent out to do a great mission. Then, Michelle will beat her and her fat mother and take half. next?

Update 6:

There already has been, my son, Vida Guerra, and she made some men's penis fall off. next?

Update 7:

Yes, wait wait im getting something else, Gillie The Kid will reunite with Cash Money, because Lil Wayne had the best crack! next?

Update 8:

Yes my darling, your future will be rich and blissful that is until Fonzworth Bentley sues you for using his album title as a nickname. next?

Update 9:

Jesse Jackson, sadly, will never see the error in his ways, he will kidnap Barack Obama and castrate will and keep them over his fireplace. next?

Update 10:

Hmm..why do you represent a group that has been dismembered because of one dead member. for this, the ghost of Left Eye will haunt you and your house will be burned to the ground, and live with Andre Rison in his inner city 1 bedroom home

Update 11:

Paul Mooney is legendary, he set the record for oldest comedian living at 926.

(actually 68 but i mean damn!)

Update 12:

yes u will get signed to eminem's new label "Ice Ice Baby Lover" records. then that same night will go party with your new boss. you will go on stage with him and perform a single and fans will think it is a House Of Pain reunion. next?

Update 13:

Lil Wayne will admit, that he is bisexual, and will be caught sleeping with Trina, and Wilmer Valderamma. next?

Update 14:

BET will create a shw that more carefully depicts black people, College Hill: College Park

Update 15:

Choc1, you must understand, i am a fortune teller, not an architect. and that will conclude the questions.

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    DAMN, I Was Watching Some Of His Shows A Few Days Ago On YouTube & I Thought To Myself, "This Guy Should Come Back" =D

    Source(s): Bish-Bash-Bosh
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  • 4 years ago

    I got a couple of questions really. One, when will Detox and The Seventh Seal come out? Two, why do we die? Three, who's your favorite rapper? Four, who's your favorite actor? Five, what is the square root of pie? Last question, if Heaven was hell and vica versa, would you start doing evil in order to nurture?

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  • 1 decade ago


    Was Al Sharpton and Della Reese separated at birth?

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  • I have two one serous and one not.

    1. Will I ever get signed?

    2. Will Lil' Wayne ever admit he is gay(Other than sending sublinal messages about it)?


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  • 1 decade ago

    Negrodamus, will Jesse Jackson ever see the error in his ways?

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  • Negrodamus, will BET EVER have intellectual shows unlike the horrible Hell Date?

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  • 1 decade ago

    Negrodamus, what do you think of Paul Mooney the comedian?

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    will there ever be a time that we will see a person with a shirt that says "lil wayne is da best rapper alive" walk into our neighborhood and watch him get his a$$ beat???

    haha Dynasty knows what im talkin about

    Edit: lol yeah best crack for birdman to rape his lil buggy a$$

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Negrodamus.. will the cubs ever win the world series..


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  • 1 decade ago

    ^ Lol^

    Oh Great Negrodamus What do you see in my future


    Edit:Lmao Okay

    But It Sounds cool


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