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Could you picture Alice Cullen wearing this?

For the midnight release party, I'm going as Alice Cullen. I am wearing a black wig, but a few of the pieces in the front keep falling forward. I had a bobby pin on one side, and a red bow with white spots on the other. It's about 3 inches long. Can you picture her wearing something like this? If not, any other ideas for what you could picture her with?

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    YES! I can totally see Alice Cullen wearing that. She is very stylish but she doesn't push it. I would also wear like a purple plum eye shadow, its a great contrast against the black hair.

    Hey is Jasper coming too? :D just kidding

    Team Switzerland!


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  • Alice shares many of the physical traits associated with Twilight vampires, such as inhuman beauty, pale skin, golden eyes (which deepen to black depending as thirst increases) and deep purple shadows under her eyes. She is described as being petite, 4'10", "thin in the extreme,"--from malnourishment while incarcerated--with small, "pixie-like" features. Her hair is described as cropped short, having been shaved completely when committed, spiky, and black. She moves gracefully, continually cited as dancing, with a carriage that would "break any ballerina's heart", as described by Bella in Twilight.

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    i always kind of pictured her with kind of long purple hair. idk why but i always did. i want to go to the midnight release party but i have two lil bros that wont stay up that late. i preordered the book to make sure i got a copy. but i kinda picture her with hair like your talking about so it should be fine. hope you have fun!!!

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