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Did Christianity exist before Jesus as the cult of Julius Caesar?

Which became Christianity and the church Roman Catholic.

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    Christianity existed as Biblical Judaism waiting for their Messiah.

    Remember that the term "Christian" was a negative term when it was first used in Antioch.

    The first term true followers of Jesus used to describe themselves was either "The Way" or the "Church of God".

    Source(s): The Bible
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    However Roman emperors were to be revered as gods.

    But to better answer your question:

    But Christianity did borrow many elements from both pre-existing religions and those that developed at about the same time. All of those were religions that were present in the Roman Empire, however, some such as Buddhism had only a tiny presence, others such as Mithraism were powerful and influential. Besides the 2 aforementioned faiths, others that influenced Christianity were the Cult of Isis/Horus, The Cult of Hercules, Zoroastrianism, The Cult of Appolonius, and of course Judaism as well as a few others I may have overlooked.

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    the term "Christian" was actually coined as a term to mock the followers of Yeshua/Jesus. and was made up a while after "Christianity" had started... and at that time it was more of a sect of Judaism (even though the Jews didn't like it)... the RCC actually wasn't formed untill well after the apostel John (the only apostel to have died from old age) had died.

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    Yes It Did.

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    Source(s): The Bible
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