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I'd thought I'd do a little poll about Harvey Dent/Two-Face.

It was pointed out to me that it was unlikely an absolute good guy such as Harvey Dent would turn into a murderer "just like that", even after all he's been through. He talked to his girlfriend a matter of seconds before she died, and he was permanently disfigured by being burned on one side of his face. But a counselor friend of mine says that would not be enough to prompt an abrupt change in personality, unless he was at an impressionable age, which he was not.

I say, he wasn't "the white knight" that most thought he was. Everybody has a dark side, and he already was showing the very roots of Two-Face's personality earlier in the movie. Case in point: the scene in which Harvey was flipping a coin to decide whether to shoot a suspect in the face. Sure, the coin had two identical sides at the time, but the suspect didn't know that.

What are your thoughts?

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    The one thing that really didn't fit the absolute good guy part of him was that he was willing to bend the rules. While his heart was purely in the right place he was willing to go to extremes to make the world a better place. Things like subtly suggesting Batman should go to Hong Kong to kidnap someone. Also I gotta tell you I'm fairly sure that your friend is wrong anyways. The EXTREME amount of pain he was in from the burns alone could drive a man insane. His passion was his weakness, rather than truly break down everything that Dent believed in the Joker redirected his passion. In the end what he was doing was still what he thought was best. He knew those cops were bad people so he had no problem killing them. He believed that Gordon truely deserved to be punished so he set out to do it. Dents soul was never pure you could say, he was willing to walk that fine line. The reason he was seen as the white knight was because he would stop at nothing to stop the bad guys. In the end that never changed, his view on who the bad guys were simply changed and with that so did his methods.

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    The Harvey Dent/Two-Face storyline was not convincing for him to turn evil "just like that" even though he went through a traumatic facial burn. Anyways, even if he survived it's unlikely he'd show up in the next Batman Begins sequel if there is one. He's a weak link compared to the Joker. He wouldn't stand a chance against The Dark Knight.

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    Well I'd say Harvey Dent was a hero but, after he was burned he remembered a childhood nickname they used to tease or make fun of him with "Two-Face".

    Knowing his burn completely disfigured his face and Rachel (his girlfriend) was dead made him emotionaly confused and didnt know what to do.

    Then when Joker talked to him in the hospital it made Two-Face crazier in my opinion. And then he flipped his coin to see if Joker would be shoot. Then ever time he went to "shoot" someone he'd flip the coin to see if they'd get shot.

    Harvey Dent was a hero in my opinion.

    Two-Face was a villian in my opinion.

    Hope that answered your poll.

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    I agree with your analysis. They definitely tried to portray that Harvey had a dark side when he took the henchman into an alley and used 'non-standard' interrogation tactics to try to get information out of him. He did not arrest the guy, he didn't bring him in for questioning, he took the law into his own hands (much like the vigilante batman).

    They also made reference to the pun that when he was in internal affairs the other cops referred to him as "Two-Face".

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    i think that the movie studio designed the character to flip like that to show what can happen to people in extreme circumstances. Even if your counselor friend deduced that it was unlikely for someone to change that dramatically, then its just speculation. It really isnt that farfetched to assume that someone could be influenced to entirely alter their personality. And we dont know that he was entirely good before his "transformation". everyone has demons inside them, maybe his change was just those demons brought out.

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