What is a good trustworthy beer of the month club?

I want to give my husband a membership to a beer of the month club for our anniversary but don't know which one to choose or what criteria to use when making my decision. I have never signed up for anything like this before. Any tips or specific suggestions will be helpfull.

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    My suggestion is:


    I have been a member of a couple of beer of the month clubs. And this one actually looks around for interesting beers to try. A lot of clubs send very easy to find beers, and it's really disappointing to a beer snob. But this club seems to find consistently decent beers.

    For instance, this months selections include:

    Michigan Brewing Company Celis White: A beer designed by Pierre Celis, the gentlemen who brought Belgian White beers out of obscurity.

    Michigan Brewing Company Celis Grand Cru: A very interesting Belgian blonde. And, like the Celis White, almost impossible to find outside of Michigan and Texas.

    McAusian St. Ambroise Oatmeal Stout: One of the most difficult to find and outstanding oatmeal stouts brewed on the North American continent.

    The other two I don't know, but I would guess that they're at least decent. The person choosing beers for this club really knows what he/she is doing!

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    I don't know about beer of the month clubs but I have a suggestion for a cheaper (and in my humble opinion a much better) alternative.

    If your husband really loves quality beer, why not get him a home brewing kit.

    We've done about 500 brews over the last 10 years and it's better than just about any beer you can buy from the liquor store.

    You can choose the styles of beer you drink and make it for about 50 cents for a 750ml bottle.

    You brew the beer for a week, then condition it in the bottles for at least 2 weeks then it's ready to drink but the longer you leave it, the better it gets.

    It will take about 30 minutes to put on a brew, 30 minutes to wash the bottles & an hour to bottle the brew & wash up. You'll also need room to store at least 100 750ml bottles.

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    check out Lost Abbey's Saints and Sinners.

    Absolutely fantastic

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