The marina won't accept my boat??

I have the option right now to get a 30' 1982 Penn Yan fly bridge boat for super cheap because it was abandoned. I have until Saturday morning to make the deal or it will be sold at auction, so I am kind of anxious. It is a very well taken care of boat, the outside is beautiful (hardly looks used) and while the interior is slightly dated, it is really clean and nice. So here I am calling all these marinas in Maryland and NO ONE will take me and my boat!!! One marina said because it's fiberglass over wood and they don't take those anymore. And the other marinas didn't bother to explain why. Does anyone know what is up with that silly rule? The boat is beautiful!! What do I do? I am still calling marinas, but I am just so confused.

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    Welcome to the world of "big" boating... Where the Marina is King, Emperor, and Ruler. And you (we) my friend, are his low life subjects to be used, abused, and taken advantage of... But, all is not bad - when they do finally fix our boat and get it running again - we worship the ground they walk on. And in fact, we don't throw rose pedals at their feet - we throw our money... lol

    First of all... I am guessing that you approached the Marina with the same enthusiam and "anxiousness" as you did here - with your question. Big Mistake! Marinas don't want new, enthusiastic, anxious, first time boaters in their marina... unless they are brand new boaters with brand new boats - then they know they take 'em for even more money.

    Second... I am also guessing, that you told them about your wonderful "find" of this beautiful gem that has been abandon. Another mistake! You may see it as a gem - they see it as a big piece of sinking or sunken junk taking up valuable slip space,

    SUGGESTION: Calmly, cooly, just call, or go to their office and inquire about avaliable slip space for a 30 footer - your question should be do they have any, and at what price... and ask to see a Marina fee schedule (that's like a menu that has all their fees for everything they do... ) Act like a boat, a slip, boating in general - is no big deal to you.

    If they ask you about the boat - tell them you will have to ask your husband or father... you just need to know if they have a slip. Once you know that - your in... ask them what you have to do to have them hold it for you for a day or two... then, take it from there. Don't give them the option of closing the door on you based on the age of your boat.

    As far as your delimna with your 30' 1982 Penn Yan goes... First of all let me say - you should never be nearly so "anxious" to buy a used boat. So, the bottom line is that (as bad, or as horrific, as it may seem) the Marina may have just done you a really big, big, favor.

    Honestly, I was on site once, watching, as a Certified Marine Surveyor was surveying just such a boat - the boat was 20 years old but looked like a real gem. In fact, it had a brand new professional exterior paint job done by the Marina.

    The buyer was about as "anxious" and hot to trott to buy this boat as ever I had seen... That was just before, I watched the surveyor gently, but with a little effort, push his thumb (thumb first, then fist and arm) clear through the boats' hull. He bet the "seller" who was there, he could do it - and the seller took him up on the bet. The surveyor knew of course he could do it, because he had picked up a rotted spot about the size of a refigerator on his little ultra-sound machine... So, the beauty of this gem was only skin (paint) deep.

    So, sorry... back to your delimna...

    The fact is, the guy at the Marina who told you it was because it was fiberglass over wood - probably said that because it was the first lie he could think of. As in fact, probably half the boats in the marina will be all, or in part, at least part of it, fiberglass over wood - certainly in the larger ones with larger cabins.

    He was probably just being nice... He could have just as easily said he wasn't going to rent you a slip because he didn't like your looks, or your hair, or your socks... or that he just didn't want any more old boats in his marina.

    Sorry, but, that is the cruel hard facts. There are in fact a whole lot more boats then Marina slip space... especially true in your area - so they can be very picky and snobish.

    As the saying goes - "If ever a good hearted honest man owned a Marina - he'd be a billionaire the very day the word got out."

    My problem with this, really, is not at all the Marina - as I am used to seeing all that... (I live full time on my boat at one.)

    My problem with his - for your sake - is your being so "anxious" to buy a used boat - So, as bad as I hate the way you were treated, fact is, they probably (inadvertedly) did you a big favor, if they prevented you from buying the boat.

    Capt. John

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    I live in Mexico and I have no clue why the marinas won't accept you and the yacht......... best you call the game warden or fish and wild life offices and request the needed info... those are the folks that can give you the correct info and also there is the harbor masters office and that might be the call for you ... good luck with the yacht and it sounds like a nice pick ---I hope that it will work for you ... buy a new bilge pump soon just to be on the safe side.... and look in the bottom of the boat before you pay any monies ____________ also remember that a yacht is a hole in the water surrounded by fiber-glass into which you pour money... I think that you need to be up front with the info about your boat...

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    Marinas are like trailer parks in some aspects. #1 the management is God. # 2 a lot of them are not going to let you put a 26 year old boat in the "neighborhood" with brand new $100,000 boats. #3 They can pick and choose their clientel, because there are a lot more boats than slips.( especially in your area)

    Find a redneck yacht club, IE: a marina that is a little bit run down and off the beaten path.

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    There miss informed Penn yan are all glass not glass over wood>tunnel drive>If abandoned then there is title issues> Most Marinas want insurance> Best make sure you get a title with the boat>Or if a bill of sale can you get a title> Or there not much value there> You can alway put it on a trailer and store it till fixed??? Worked on many in there day>

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    most marina wont take it because of it construction.. fiberglass overwood has been known to de-laminate ,catch fire ,and sink. there are other issues as well. some marinas wont take boats that are (in their eyes) too old or not up to their "level". snobbish but true. find and older marina with boats like yours in it already. in some cases you can have it inspected by the marina to certify that it safe for the area and the water. good luck.

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    just get your own private dock. you can put any boat you want at your own dock. that is what my family does!!

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    nothing you can do. if the Marina doesn't accept it, then don't get it.

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