Can bikes run red lights legally?

This really irks me, if i have to obey certain rules in my car then i expect bikes to do the same. I am not against bikes just think they should follow the rules.
Update: Nice generalisation cycle guy... its cyclists like you i hate
Cyclists also speed... that ever occur to you (especially going down hills)

I stick to the speed limit :)
Update 2: Mr Clegg your a genius lol, that answer made me laugh
Update 3: Silenus you grade A tool, i dont run red light a cyclist did. And to call a question stupid which is used to further ones understanding just proves what an ignorant fool you are !
Update 4: MR - nope am not small minded but your quick to judge others... are you not happy with yourself?
Update 5: cyclist- have you ever seen me drive err nope which means you can't comment on how i drive or if i am an aggressive driver. Stop spouting stuff without facts :)
Update 6: see above ment for cycle guy
Update 7: Mr and Silenus you don't know me and thats my problem. All i want is for cyclists to follow the rules of the road i have no problem them being there like i stated in my above questions. I don't mind people disagreeing with me i just hate people judging me for asking a question
Update 8: i did not say all bikes do, i just asked if they can. All i generalised on was i wanted all bikes to follow the rules of the road which i think is acceptable
Update 9: Andymcj78 (atheist)- thats the type of situation cyclists should avoid, which is why cyclists should follow the rules of the road. Perhaps a wider issue is that the majority of people don't take a cycleing profficiency and don't know the rules
Update 10: its not child like behaviour to demand consistencies across the board
Update 11: most drivers obey the basic rules ie stopping at a red light whilst most cyclists i have seen don't. To be honest if you don't like my question and think its a joke then MYOB and don't answer it :)
Update 12: Silenus- they are thought provoking questions, in fact the immigration question is about blameing ourselves and saying we blame immigrants when i could be the people that live in this country that are the problem (ie the general british public) read the questions properly :)
Update 13: like i said i don't mind the answers, people having differents experiences therefore different views. I like debating i just hate it when it gets personal like a few who have posted have done and i should not have replied in kind.
Update 14: i dident say all of you did judge not every answer has a personal comment aimed at me
Update 15: the question is was not aimed at cars but bikes but since you wish to discuss it i will. Both cars and bikes are the problem with the fact they can not co-exist there are good and bad examples of each. Yes non insurers is bad but thats not what the question was originally asking
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