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Can bikes run red lights legally?

This really irks me, if i have to obey certain rules in my car then i expect bikes to do the same. I am not against bikes just think they should follow the rules.


Nice generalisation cycle guy... its cyclists like you i hate

Cyclists also speed... that ever occur to you (especially going down hills)

I stick to the speed limit :)

Update 2:

Mr Clegg your a genius lol, that answer made me laugh

Update 3:

Silenus you grade A tool, i dont run red light a cyclist did. And to call a question stupid which is used to further ones understanding just proves what an ignorant fool you are !

Update 4:

MR - nope am not small minded but your quick to judge others... are you not happy with yourself?

Update 5:

cyclist- have you ever seen me drive err nope which means you can't comment on how i drive or if i am an aggressive driver. Stop spouting stuff without facts :)

Update 6:

see above ment for cycle guy

Update 7:

Mr and Silenus you don't know me and thats my problem. All i want is for cyclists to follow the rules of the road i have no problem them being there like i stated in my above questions. I don't mind people disagreeing with me i just hate people judging me for asking a question

Update 8:

i did not say all bikes do, i just asked if they can. All i generalised on was i wanted all bikes to follow the rules of the road which i think is acceptable

Update 9:

Andymcj78 (atheist)- thats the type of situation cyclists should avoid, which is why cyclists should follow the rules of the road. Perhaps a wider issue is that the majority of people don't take a cycleing profficiency and don't know the rules

Update 10:

its not child like behaviour to demand consistencies across the board

Update 11:

most drivers obey the basic rules ie stopping at a red light whilst most cyclists i have seen don't. To be honest if you don't like my question and think its a joke then MYOB and don't answer it :)

Update 12:

Silenus- they are thought provoking questions, in fact the immigration question is about blameing ourselves and saying we blame immigrants when i could be the people that live in this country that are the problem (ie the general british public) read the questions properly :)

Update 13:

like i said i don't mind the answers, people having differents experiences therefore different views. I like debating i just hate it when it gets personal like a few who have posted have done and i should not have replied in kind.

Update 14:

i dident say all of you did judge not every answer has a personal comment aimed at me

Update 15:

the question is was not aimed at cars but bikes but since you wish to discuss it i will. Both cars and bikes are the problem with the fact they can not co-exist there are good and bad examples of each. Yes non insurers is bad but thats not what the question was originally asking

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    Wow -- I thought your question was a simple, straightforward one, but you sure struck a lot of nerves out there....

    I do believe that cyclists are technically supposed to follow the rules of the road. I have never seen a cyclist ticketed however. And to be safe, I think cyclists should attempt to follow the rules of the road as should drivers also.

    There are terrible drivers and equally terrible cyclists. But we do need a system of enforcement that works, because bikes and cars need to coexist safely and the current system does not work.

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  • 1 decade ago

    No vehicle can run red lights legally. Don't think in terms of motorists and cyclists think in terms of road users all of whom have the same obligations to use the road responsibly and respect others.

    Edit- I should just add for the benefit of the Mr Cleggs of this world if I'm endangered by a driver's carelessness I'll kick his head in on the spot without batting an eyelid and then he can sue me if he wants. We're not all of a bunch of lycra clad pansies so be careful who you mess with.

    Edit- To be fair some cyclists do run red lights but there's a safety issue. If you're turning a corner with a lorry beside you that is also going to turn there's a real risk that they might not notice you and you could get dragged under the wheels. I saw the aftermath of such an accident and if the cyclist had just jumped the red light rather than waiting he wouldn't have been killed.

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  • 4 years ago

    Underneath the pavement there is an inductive-loop traffic detector. This loop detects the amount of iron inside the loop. The problem is that most motorcycles contain more aluminum alloys and fiberglass than iron. There are devices that you hang from the bottom of your bike that can help with this. All they really are are neodymium magnets that fool the signal into thinking that there is a larger metal object in the loop. The magnets inside an old computer hard drive are neodymium magnets. You could salvage some from an old hard drive and attach them to the bottom of your bike, as low as possible. Another thing to try is to stop near the edge of the loop. You can tell the edge of the loop by the saw cuts in the pavement. Turn off the engine and re-start the bike. The magnetic signal generated from the starter can be enough to trigger the sensor. You could also try stopping near the edge of the loop. Put the side stand down. The metal side stand near the loop may be enough to trigger the signal. Not all cities have "demand-actuated" traffic signals. Do not expect this to work at all times. If it is not a "demand-actuated" traffic signal and you run the red light, you could set yourself up for a hefty fine.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I have talked to several police officers about this, including bike cops. There are two issues: First, bikes are required to follow the same traffic laws as cars, and they can and will be ticketed. But, the second issue is that bikes cannot trigger the sensors to change a light from red to green. Even the bike cops acknowledge that if the road is clear they will go ahead and run the red light. In my area I have not heard about a law allowing this, but the officers I talked to said they would not ticket a cyclist if they crossed appropriately.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Gee you're irked...

    Take two aspirins and rant again in the morning.

    BTW, you seem to be a petty, small minded lad. I hope maturity helps you grow out of this.

    Laddie, your question and comments proves my point. You seem to have a problem with projecting everything you do and say onto us here. Please seek help before you kill someone with your car.

    Your main question was fine. You teed many off with the child-like "well if I gotta stop why doesn't he have to" weining. And the problem is NO driver obeys the rules, so your question is a joke. MYOB.

    Drivers stop at lights most the time BUT consistantly speed, don't signle turns and lane chages, tail gate cut drivers, bikes and pedestrians off. You continually fail to admit drives break FAR, FAR more important traffic laws. WHY IS THIS? You weine and cry. If you don't like the answers - don't ask the question.

    EDIT: Oh Silenus busted you as a mean little troll. (like we didn't know)

    Why are you judging us on being personal? In your own word I HATE people who judge. Can you see how you are doing exactly what you accuse others of?

    Read all your comments - you will see judgement after judgement, so you can - but others can't? You still can't admit to the fact cars are a major problem and a few bikes running a red is a drop in the bucket? Why do you have a bone to pick with these few when you a lawless when you drive? Why do you continuosly ignor this fact?

    Why do you support (yes you do, so don't lie) what MrClegg stated? You think a - h o l e s like that are funny? You're sick if you you do.

    Your question was answered. The way you stated it, we simply pointed out you break 100's of laws as a driver compaired to a cyclist - so grow up.

    Cars are 99% the problem.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    No, they should follow the same road rules as everyone else. It's unlikely that many cyclists spped going down hills though, have you been driving with tour de france cyclists?Many cyclists, including myself, however, sometimes break certain rules due to the way car drivers treat them and therefore for their own safety. I do detest the cyclists who put pedestrians in danger due to their selfishness though.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I'm assuming that you're talking about GB? No they cannot. It's in the highway code mate. They have to abide by the code just like a motorist does.

    By the way, I drive, and I cycle also. I believe that everybody that uses the roads should use them IAW the highway code.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I think cars should follow the rules - everyone, including you, speed and a lot more. Cars break the law 1,000,000 times as much as bikes. Are you a frustrated Jr. High hall monitor?

    Generalization? Your question is a generization. Then you lie about speeding? You break at least 10 laws when you drive any given day. You the rude agressive type drive that is a danger to everyone. So you see some bikes though reds, since cars and drivers like you are by far more dangerous what's the point of ranting?

    You think it's cool Mr Crackhead thinks hitting a cyclist is funny. You both need to be off the road.

    And why do you hate me? I follow the road rules. You appear to be mental and a danger to others on the road.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    No, bikes are held to the same rules and regulations as cars. That's why it's also illegal to ride on the sidewalk.

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  • 4 years ago

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