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Am I still a Red Sox hater even though....

I don't actually hate any of their players, in fact I kinda like some of them like Ortiz and Drew and Youkilis?

btw i'm a yankee fan

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    Actually I think no, but you're forgetting the definition of a hater. Being a hater is actually a negative thing. It means basically, someone who just hates something for the sake of hating it, not for any real good reason. Being a hater is kind of being childish. You've got a rivalry, and rooting interests, etc. You're pulling for your team and rooting against their rival for their benefit. Not the same as being a hater.

    So, I would say no. Pus, you're a baseball fan who appreciates talent regardless of team designation. I think that makes you a good fan of baseball.

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    I am a Yankees fan. I like Ortiz and Drew as well.

    However, Youkilis? Do you seriously like him? Not even Sox fans enjoy him. He moans, he whines, he complains. Nothing is ever right with him. Even Manny Ramirez got sick of him. I think that says something about his character.

    I despise Jason Varitek. I find him haughty and his way of playing the game irks me. I can't stand Pedroia, mostly because I fear him coming to plate. I despise Jon Papelbon. I can't even think of words to describe it.

    There are some Sox players I like, some I have a neutral respect for (in the same way I'm sure Sox fans have a neutral respect for Jeter or Rivera), and some I just can't stand.

    In my opinion, it's in a Yankees fan's blood to despise the Red Sox as a whole. The team in general.

    But it's also my opinion that Yankees fans are Yankees fans first and Red Sox haters second or third or fourth or not at all.

    The bigger question is whether or not you are a fan of your team, which I'm sure you are. =)

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    I am a Yankee fan too but I like Big Papi, Beckett, J.D. Drew & Ellsbury. I have favorite players from just about every team. Even though I do like those Red Sox players, I just don't want them to do very well when they play the Yankees though

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    Yeah, you can hate the team but still like/respect certain players. I am a Braves fan, so obviously I would never hope the Phillies or Mets won a game...ever, but there are certain players on each team I respect or like:


    Pat Burrell

    That's about it...


    Moises Alou

    David Wright (to an extent...he's been pissing me off lately)

    So, usually I hope those guys do well but I hope the team gets destroyed.

    I also have some of my least favorite players in baseball on those teams, so it kinda cancels out the guys I like...

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    You can hate a team and still appreciate, respect or even like certain players. I'm a die-hard Yankees fan, but I respect guys like David Ortiz, Mike Lowell, Jason Varitek and Jacoby Ellisbury. I always liked Nomar when he was there.

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    I hate the yankees and the red sox and still like many of their players. Their rivalry has become bad for the game. Go tampa!!!

    Source(s): I am an A's fan
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    u r not a yankee fan at all u traiter how could u like Ortiz; Do u know y he leads the league in doubles some yrs. he is always to tired 2 go to 3rd

    Youkilis is a bum how could u consider urself a yankees u traiter

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    Your stance seems neutral. I will give you that. Hmmmm, you might have a little Red Sox 'hater' in you though.

    For example, me, I think ARod is hot, but still hate the Yankees.

    tee hee

    Go Red Sox

    Yay I'm glad to see Manny go!

    Source(s): Red Sox Fan
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    I'm a Rangers fan and I like some of the Red Sox players too. (I'll never root for them though ...)

    Source(s): Hey, the Rangers have one of the best players right now ... Hamiltino
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    it incredibly is best ! in spite of the undeniable fact that I' m an Indians fan , I' m no longer a crimson Sox hater . i myself cheered The crimson Sox on while it appeared like they have been going to interrupt that " Curse of the Bambino " ! in spite of the undeniable fact that , I' ve never enjoyed The Yankees . considering i'm a baseball fan , i like this comedian tale !

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