Why is it not okay for Wal-Mart to tell it's managers not to vote for Obama...

But it IS okay (and encouraged) for the labor unions to tell their members to vote democratic? Isn't this just another example of the dual standard that the democrats always try to employ?

Update 2:

Jim Valentino Jr. : This one's for you...

"It's time to change direction. This year, we have a chance to vote for a candidate who will make history in more ways than one: If elected, Barack Obama will be the first president ever with a background as a community organizer."

- Ron Gettelfinger - July 14, 2008 (UAW President - excerpt from UAW letter to members --- read the whole thing here...


Jim V - are you kidding me? If you don't think the union pressures their lackeys everyday through garbage like this, then you're either a union 'brother' or just have your head in the sand.

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    I spent a short time in a labor union, the IBEW (electrician's union) and I will tell you first hand, they DO FORCE you to register Democrat. There is no discussion, they pass out a questionaire and ask you your party affiliation and if you write down Republican, they sit you down and tell you how it needs to be.

    Been there, done that. This is why it was a short time in the union for me.

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    First off, Labor Unions do not tell anyone how to vote.

    Secondly, Labor Unions do not have the hiring and firing authority that management does. Putting pressure on your subordinates to vote one way or another should be illegal. How would you feel if your boss said you need to vote for the Communist Party or else your job would be taken away? Let's put the shoe on the other foot here.

    The only double standard is that the people you support are doing something unethical and you want us to turn a blind eye; if the group you didn't support was doing this you would scream foul. That's called hypocrisy and there is your double standard.

    EDIT: Fishguy, thanks for teaching me a little something. Sounds like that Union should be sanctioned and/or disbanded. There should be no infringement or pressure put on your rights as a voter, either from management or union leaders. That's just bogus.

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    It is illegal and immoral in either case....if you care about liberty, you are offended by that kind of thing regardless of what side of the political aisle you reside on.

    Instead of wanting to be able to abuse the power for your side, in some sort of sick desire for "fairness"......you should be standing against it in any form you see it (even if it is "your team").

    I will say this....Labor Unions built this country. They have devolved into any other Beauracracy or Lobby to a large degree, but they have done a lot for my town and the country in general. Walmart, unless you are a true cheerleader for capitalism at all costs, is something of a cancer that helps to bring down wages and hurt small businesses worldwide.

    The sickest aspect of this debate is that we havent yet touched on the issue of campaigning from the pulpit. This country doesnt tax religion, but religious figures are constantly campaigning for a candidate on any given sunday (and weekdays on the cable news shows). McCain and Obama are christians who have to prove their "faith" to the voters at every turn. We know of Reverent Wright and Pastor Hagee because the news and the candidates spend so much time focusing on those aspects. Every president has been a christian....when was the last time you heard anything about "the religious left'?

    So we have untaxed lobbies for Anti-abortion issues, Anti homosexuality issues, and prayer in the classroom. Is THAT fair? Is THAT in the spirit of the First Amendment?

    Source(s): I can count the Union members I know that vote Democrat on one hand. I dont know where you guys live, but we are free to vote how we like where I live.
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    The Union is actually worse since they send a significant portion of the Union dues to support Democrat candidates... and the people paying the dues have no say whatsoever in who that money goes to.

    By belonging to a Union you are basically being forced to contribute to the Democrat campaigns.

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    This is a common thing for businesses to do. Our union does it all the time. They tell you who they support and who's policies they disagree with. We get fliers in the mail all the time. There is just so much Obama-sensitivity that it's unbelievable. I'm sure somebody out there believes Walmart is doing it because he's black. It's like walking on glass when you talk about Obama.

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    My employers know better than to tell me who I should or should not vote for.

    If Wal Wart are suggesting a candidate to vote for, that's one thing. But if their managers are intimitated by thinking their job is on the line if they do not vote for Wal Mart's candidate, that's a whole other ball of wax.

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    Its not wrong but it is bad for the work enviroment. And I would say there is a slight difference an Employee might feel more pressure then a union memeber

  • It's not okay to pressure people in either way. Labor unions generally do not have day to day contact with all their members. Managers do.

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    It is not OK for walmart to tell people that they will be forced into a union if someone is elected president, as they know that is not true. It is also not OK for Walmart not be candid, the reason that they don't like Obama has nothing to do with unions - it has to do with their trade agreements with china and the government subsidies that they currently recieve.

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    And it's not okay either way.

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