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Will Wal-Mart asking managers to work against Obama...

help Obama get elected?

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    I actually think that it will backfire on Wal-Mart. When Obama is President the executives at Wally World will be quaking in their boots!!!

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    Nope, as a walmart associate we get this information once year about unions & since Obama is FOR unions to take over companies I guess management would be working against him so to speak. I don't want a union at walmart. Guess we aren't suppose to talk about how unions would hurt our company during an election year? But being as yahoo is pro Obama they wouldn't let you know that once a year we are provided with the information on what unions would do to our company & I must agree. I am 52yrs old & I have seen through my lifetime what a big business Unions have become & could really care less about the employees...just pay those dues.

  • Is Hillary still on the Board of Wal-mart?

  • mudbug
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    1 decade ago

    Isn't it curious that Hillary sat on the Board at Wal-Mart until the campaign started?

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  • bette
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    3 years ago

    Unions use the comparable procedures. you may examine a number of their pulps that they deliver to 'members' month-to-month. it particularly is like a 'love fest' in the direction of Demo's and a conflict cry against Repb's. it particularly is their little way of telling you (scaring you) into balloting the the Union way. i individually do no longer see a controversy right here, the two sides are doing the comparable ingredient, so it evens out.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    No, Just as Big union telling the employees to suport Obama will not help McCain win

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    No. It can only hurt. When a company like Walmart isn't on your side, you simply can not win a campaign.

    In fact, I tell my employees the same thing. If Obama wins, there will inevitably be layoffs to compensate for higher costs of doing business. Needless to say, all my employees are voting McCain.

  • Anonymous
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    WalMart has already "suggested" to it's management that they work against Obama. They basically told them that if a Democrat gets into office more of their store would be able to unionize.

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    Well I am all for that. Obama will raise taxes on corporations and the first thing a corporation does???? LAYOFF. Obama will pursue unions, well let's look at how unions have affected the car manufacturers of today. Maybe when unions were created way back when we needed them but not today. Unions have really hurt the car manus in this country. I know, my hubby works for GM but with what is going on in the economy who knows for how much longer. And got figure we started having economic problems what about two years ago? So my question is what happened about two years ago????Anyone know....Congress changed hands, I will answer it for ya. I am not saying Reps are perfect nor am I saying Dems are perfect. But in the end if you Americans want to keep your money in your pocket, have a job, live your life. Have the luxury in your life that you want, then you need to keep Reps in Congress at least if not in the WhiteHouse. Cuz Dems are about raising taxes for this program and that program and guess what Americans, most those programs are not for caucasian folks. They are for African Americans and for now Hispanics. And guess who pays for these programs, our tax money. I don't want someone in office telling me I can't dirve my gas powered boat on a lake cuz it will kill the fishes. I don't want someone telling me I can drive my SUV to put that boat in the water so I can fish. I don't want someone telling my I have to pay 900 bucks a month to have healthcare I don't use. Right now I pay 98 a month and don't use it, but charging me 900 bucks a month with the socialized medicine plan, no way. I don't want someone telling me that America should be on the same level as Zimbabwe. Has anyone seen their standard of living???? That is what Obama wants us to do. I am not saying McCain is someone perfect, but he is better than Obama. And ask Obama sometime about what his CHANGE means? Cuz you can go to his website and read his so called plan and then read his book and it totally contradicts what his website plan is. And he changes his mind way too much. The most important question to ask yourself when voting for your Congress person and you President is in the end what matters most to you? What is your top concern? Think about it carefully cuz I know my top concern is having a job so I can keep a roof over my head and food on the table. If I have no job and have no income cuz some knuckele head wants to tax me to death then I don't give a crap about border control. I don't give a crap about gay marriage. I don't give a crap about women's rights to choose. I don't give a crap about a war in Iraq or anywhere else. Cuz if I can't eat and live then the rest of it is just water under a bridge somewhere. And if the election for not just the whitehouse but the congress goes the way I think it will, I will lose my job in healthcare. And guess what all our great doctors in this country will move and go practice elsewhere and our healthcare system will be that of England and Canada. God you all want teeth like they have in England. Dentisty is a luxury. They just let your teeth rot out of your head or pull them. And eyecare, well guess what under socialized medicine you don't get to choose your stylish eye glass frames. You get govt issued frames. And lasic, bye bye to that. That is a luxury. And plastic surgery, another luxury. Stars will go get procedures done in the countries all the docs have to move to in order to make a profit. And what is up with profits? Isn't that the whole reason we live in a capitalist country to get profits? And who says you can have too much profits like oil companies do? They were the smart ones that got into that business. If you Americans want a piece of that pie, then bake it. Everyone has the same opportunities in this country as everyone else. It is just many have become lazy and don't want to work for anything and want free handouts and the more people like that we have the more govt controll we will have. My number one thing I would love to do is overthrow our govt. Ben Franklin said that govt must be overthrown every 4 years to prevent corruption. So I say let's all get on the band wagon and get people out of there and start a new. Our govt has never, ever been overthrown. And after this election I wouldn't be surprised if we have a revolution in this country. I will be heading that line. And Walmart Execs shouldn't shake in their boots. No corp CEO or business owner should ever need to feel that way unless they are embezzling. America is the land of opportunity. Walmart Execs grabbed on to that. So hurray for them. You go do it if you want it. And to say that if Obama is Pres they will shake in their boots. What is that about, more govt control. I want the govt OUT OF MY LIFE AND OUT OF MY PAYCHECK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    If they are smart they will. WalMart has been in the Democrat Party's cross hairs for a long time. Why can't Democrats just leave businesses alone?


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