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Cough and then cant breathe...gasp for breath PLEASE HELP!!

i lost my breathe about a week ago , (felt like i was all congested and couldnt talk, i have since gotten my voice back mostly but still cough a little... when i do cough i lose my breath for a second and cant breathe in... i gasp but then can breathe in for air... sometimes its a second sometimes a few seconds... what is that? what can i take? it only happens when i cough i sleep fine ...please help

i have never had any prior problems.... it was alot of congestion and then this is happening feels like congestion way back in my throat but when i cough it gets harder to breathe in...this morning right after i woke up i coughed and then started to weeze trying to breathe in for about 30 sec...please help


it doesnt happen all the time...just recently after i lost my voice and got it back

Update 2:

also just moved to a new area and dont have a doctor or any insurance????

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    Possibly Asthma or something other bronchial. If you had bad congestion and heavy coughing back then you may have done some damage to the air flow or even to your lungs. See a doctor as soon as possible. To me it sounds like asthma. My mother has lived with asthmas since she was 14 yrs old and is 76 now and is doing fine.

    Edit: I live in NC as well. The local health department or CDC can help you and they will not charge a lot at the time of service. Asthma does not happen often and some people with asthma very seldom have to use an inhaler more than once a month or just carry an epipen in case of emergencies. Definately call your local health department or free clinic and set up an appointment today because it may take more than a week to see a doc. You could have done esophagial damage or even have a heart condition as like in a heart murmur of congestive heart disease. Be careful and rest.

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    this doesn't sound good. I'm not a Doctor but you need to go see your primary Dr. like an Internal Medicine Dr. or Family Practice Dr. then that Dr. might refer you to a specialist Dr. But you do need to go consult your Dr. about this problem.

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    With signs that extreme, you will have to traditionally head to an pressing care or emergency room. Better reliable than sorry. With the indicators you describe, you might have pneumonia that's probably deadly.

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    I wouldn't mess around with breathing problems, you really should see your doctor or at least call his/her office and talk with a nurse.

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