Why is Wal Mart threatening their managers to lobby against Obama?


Yahoo news.

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    It is outrageous. Walmart is scared, desperate and underhanded in its attempt to keep its workforce nonunion. They are basically campaigning against Obama to their captive audience -- employees.

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    I read the article and they are not threatening anyone. They are telling their employees their understanding of what could happen should Obama get elected and push through the Employee Free Choice Act. They are telling people that to unionize, would cost jobs in the long run. This is not a threat, it is information of cause and effect.

    How could Wal-Mart threaten anybodies job anyway? They don't know what goes on in the voting booth. I think it's a good thing for people to hear the other side of the issue instead of making a decision with just part of the information. Any one of them can still vote for Obama if they choose. They will just do so, knowing what one of the possible outcomes could be.

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    Democrats have a tendency to support unions. With a democratic President there remains a possibility that a bill and law could be introduced giving Unions a bigger ability to get into large corporations such as Wal-Mart.

    That is not something Wal-Mart would like to happen so...

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    Big Brother 2008


    Marsha Dean Walker

    In all likelihood when George Orwell wrote "Big Brother is watching” he never imagined that big brother personified would be Wal-Mart. The world’s largest retailer preys on our impulsivity as it sucks our wallets dry. It dictates the direction of what we buy, how we spend and now how a great many of us should vote.

    On Friday, August 1, 2008 the Wall Street Journal reported that Wally World’s top brass has not so subtly issued its latest edict, that being lobbying against Barack Obama for fear that his election would spur a massive move by their employees to unionize. As a former employee of Wal-Mart I know first hand how real this fear is. It is tantamount to a financial black death for the world’s largest retailer. Unionization would wrest a fair of amount of oppressive control from the hands of the corporate giant.

    It is very scary to think that a business that sells everything from tires to diamonds can wield so much power as to demand how its employees should vote. In other words a vote for John McCain is a vote for Wal-Mart shareholders.

    Frequently accused of being cult-like and big brotherish in the way it requires employees to engage in the Wally cheer every morning- the give me an W, give me an A, give me an L, etc., Wal-Mart flexes its corporate muscles wherever and whenever it can around the world. It forces its presence on communities whether they want it or not and their “circle the wagons” method of invasion has caused massive rejection by various citizenry.

    Wal-Mart’s attempt to “intervene” in the electoral process defines its continuous interference in the lives of its employees. Low paying jobs, lack of a reasonable benefit package coupled with people desperate to make ends meet makes it easy to control the flock. However, they want them (the employees) to believe that a vote for the Republican candidate will afford them some modicum of job security. Nothing could be further from the truth.

    The retention rate at Wal-Mart does not indicate job security, in fact quite the opposite. The fear of termination looms large, intimidation runs rampant on all levels and the turnover rate is high. Employees are hired and fired in much the same manner as stocks are traded, and speaking of stocks there is no doubt that the management personnel has been apprised as to how a vote for Obama will significantly decrease not only the value of their shares but Wal-Mart’s corporate presence should any massive attempt to unionize. Wal-Mart prides itself on its ability to thwart any attempt at unionization.

    I have mixed feelings about this year’s electoral processes and the candidates themselves. Like most Americans I am not happy with the choices, however, I cannot imagine myself in a job situation where my employer makes it clear as to how I should cast my vote.

    Yes Big Brother is alive and well and living in Bentonville, Arkansas and he is watching. Wal-Mart managers take heed- if you do not dance the dance then your days at Wally World may be numbered. A vote for McCain is now a vote to save your collective jobs.

    ©2008 Marsha Dean Walker

    All rights reserved

    Source(s): I am a writer, published author and I write political commentary. The source quote was the always reputable New York Times that picked the story up from Reuters.
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    Boycott Wal-mart, they have terrible service anyway.

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    There aren't any threats being made, that's an exaggeration. They are telling people what would happen should Obama become elected and that, is good business practice.

    Even my employees know that if he's elected I'll end up having to lay people off because we can't handle higher taxes and guess what, I didn't have to tell them, they're bright enough to know that.

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    where is your source. I work for walmart & we are told about what unions will do to our company once a year. I for one agree Obama would be detremental to nonunion work forces & most of us at walmart don't want a union. We have it far too good to let the union get a piece of what is ours.

    Oh so the thumbs down means I am not telling the truth ot you hate walmart?

    Source(s): walmart associate for 10yrs.
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    "Threatening"? You may want to read the story again.

    As for the reason they are trying to get managers to lobby against Obama, it's because Obama is bad for businesses and bad for the economy. Obama doesn't understand free markets or capitalism. He also doesn't understand the negative impact unionizing has in the modern world.

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    If you haven't come to expect piggish behavior from Wal-Mart, you must be living in a cave.

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    I doubt that Walmart has enough problems with there own stupidity

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