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Did Red Sox fan already hate Manny or.....

Did Red Sox fan already hate Manny or like usual are they just getting on that bandwagon because it's new or the trendy thing to do.

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    As a Red Sox, I always have wanted, and will still want Manny on my team. Look at the numbers his put up while he was here, they were amazing. The people who all of a sudden don't like him are the soccer mom bandwagon fans who are just now finding out that Manny wasn't the shining example for kids they thought he was. They had to read the paper or watch the news this morning to know that Manny was in it for Manny, THATS when they hated him. Makes me sick.

    Gene H: What are you talking about? People in Boston never chastised him seriously for his accent or appearance. There was the occasional hair joke, but it wasn't intended as a shot against him. Apparently you don't remember the trade deadline a few years ago when the Sox had a day game and he was on the bench in case a trade went through. Shortly after 4:00, he came up to pinch-hit and the crowd went nuts. They supported him through almost anything and completely respected him for being one of the best right-handed hitters the game has ever seen. And by your logic, I guess they don't like David Ortiz either. Give me a break.

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    I love Manny I have no bandwagon to jump on,go Dodgers cuz you just won the series

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    i still like Manny, and will continue to root for him as a Dodger even though he will play 3000 miles away. He helped us win 2 world series, and played a major role in both, including the 2004 world series mvp.

    despite his attitude, he will always be regarded as a Beantown hero.

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    Ramirez is one of the greatest post-season players in history, to say little of his otherwise Hall of Fame career. Instead of getting behind him, the fans (remember, this is Boston) made fun of his accent, his hair, and stopped just short of playing the race card. He will be happier in Los Angeles. The only other northern city like it is Chicago, but even Chicago is less overt about its racism and at least gets behind its players.

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