Should you be forced to pay for my health care? I am overweight, alcoholic, and a smoker.

Well that's what Obama wants. He thinks that a national health care system (socialism) would be a good idea. So people like you and me, who take very good care of our selves, should give more of our hard earned money to the government; so they, the government, can turn around and give it to the people who cut class, dropped out of school, had to many babies, party to much, never kept an honest job and blames everyone except themselves for their lack of accomplishments types.

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    It is not the smokers or the overweight alcoholics or those who lack medical insurance that make our premiums go higher. It is the greed of individual insurance companies. Why? Because they know no matter what they can continue to raise prices and people will pay it so they have health insurance. It is also hospitals, and doctors and pharmacies that keep raising prices. Take for instance a hospital, they say they have to raise prices because of the uninsured. I say baloney. Why Because even if you are uninsured you still have to pay your hospital bill and they jack up the prices so much higher then what they would charge someone with insurance. How do I know this? Iam uninsured and have been since I became my disabled husbands caregiver. He has insurance thru social security. Iam not old enough or disabled to qualify for medicare. I get paid by the county we liove into take care of him insyead of putting him in a nursing home. With all that is involved with caring for him I make much below the poverty level.But if he was in a nursing home, (which he does not qualify for) the people taking care of him make in excess of $50,000 a year. If I made that I would be able to buy my own health insurance. But then again I wouldnt because I have a preexisting condition and dont qualify. I also do not quailfy for medicaid because Iam not pregnant or blind or disabled. I would like to receive health care but I cant. I would like to receive healthcare that is affordable, instead of being raked over the coals by hospitals and insurance companies. Insurance companies need to go back to being "not for profit 'organizations they way they used to be and health care costs would plummet

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    I had an alcohol related accident in 1994,prior to that I had been a single workaholic who also traveled the world like GrannyG (only to countries that spoke English or the company supplied interpreters)I lived an expensive lifestyle and payed a lot in taxes. I was in a coma for two weeks after the crash and woke up with total amnesia. Another six months in the hospital probably cost over a million without any insurance except Medicaid and Medicare. I tell people I'm semi-disabled and semi-retired, I get a small SSI check that pays my utilities, thankfully I own my home and live "small". I can't hold a steady job so I volunteer. I'm currently building a garden at Bushy Banks site of the last great buffalo hunt, serve on the board of directors of a 501 3c called Cross Roads for the Arts and was just elected to a position to the Parks and Recreation Board. All this from a beat up old drunk, seems the system works sometimes. I've been clean and sober without AA for 6 years. RScott

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    They are things that can only be discovered after hundreds and hundreds of trials. And of course, strict restriction needs to be in place. However, because the basis of science is always changing due to new discoveries, we need to also have sympathy to the drug company as well. They are not miracle makers, they only try to make profits by selling something that they "think" might help other people. Imagine the world without antibiotics and other medication, how many people would have to die? If we agree that science can be changed, the drug company might not have an excuse of increasing medication prices because of law suit.Also if we look at any other area that has used the socialist system it has bogged down and failed to live up to its Utopian promise. No system is perfect but open and free market is the best out there.

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    You lie. You are probably diabetic as well.

    Lady Tertia: NO ONE is ENTITLED to JACK!!!! I don't believe the word ENTITLED appears anywhere in the Bill of Rights or the Constitution. And medical care definitely does NOT. You have bought the lie hook line and sinker. Health Care is not a right or entitlement. It is a PRIVILEGE resulting from living in a successful country. Free enterprise and big business has made the US a world leader and successful country. What do you plan to do to continue to support what has made this country successful?

    Just say NO to Socialism.

    Mike L: Just watched on CNN the other night a spot about a very nice college girl in Toronto, Canada. She suffered a blackout walking into a Burger King. She was thirsty and wanted something to drink. She said by the time she got in the BK, she would have killed for a cup of water. Next thing she new, she was on the floor on the other side of the resturant with an ambulance there. It took her 3 months to get an MRI which showed a small tumor in her brain. She now has to wait 4 more months to see a neurologist. No idea of how long she will have to wait for anykind of treatment. They told her "you are not a priority". SHE HAS A FREAKING BRAIN TUMOR!! She had to drop out of school, lost all of her credits for the year, can't drive, can't go anywhere by herself. This is Socialized medicine. If that is what you want, please move there, don't bring it here. If we had that kind of medical system here in this nation, both my wife and I would probably be dead instead of working hard and paying taxes to support welfare bums.

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    Fantastic! Obama is so good at pulling the wool over people's eyes, they don't get a realistic look at what he really stands for...

    Don't forget, we'll also pay them unemployment as long as they're "pretending to look for a job" and pay for their groceries.

    *To avoid any confusion!*

    This question was excellently put without involving parties or sides of the aisle. Nobody is saying that only Democrats take advantage of these freebies, and nobody is saying that all Democrats are like this description... but what he is saying is that, its a DEMOCRAT that wants our lives to be lived this way.

    Vote for McCain. He will protect your earnings and create an environment where people who are lazy don't get by because of my hard work.

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    I think other things will go along with this plan. Government regulation of the food you eat has already started, and will probably get even tighter. An all-out ban on smoking isn't out of the question. Mandatory exercise programs can't be too far behind. I can see someone going in for their mandatory yearly physical 15-20 lbs. overweight, and being forced onto some sort of plan to get them in shape. And, yes, of course all paid for by hard working Americans who already know how to take care of themselves. You keep letting the government take over more and more of your life and nothing good can happen.

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    I believe that parents /mothers on welfare should have to be subject to passing a drug test monthly to qualify for health care for their's unfortunate that children must suffer for the immorality of the baby makers..Drug and alcohol abuse might very well be an illness, that is why they should go to rehab and have to be tested for the remaining years they have left at their EXPENSE not mine.

    I'm a senior citizen and yes I get a monthly check from SS but I worked for it my entire life from the age of 14. Never living on handouts from the government while raising my daughter and Yes I did qualify because of low income but pride to want more and do better was in me. I worked myself up from a factory line to a

    company employee and was able to travel the world with my job.

    Weak minds lead weak lives....I was born poor and I will die poor but I didn't have to make babys in order NOT to work.

    People are just sick and tired of the monkeys on our back always asking for more!!! Whats worse is our government gives it to them..

    I won't even apply for medicaid the morons give it to seniors with medicare and medicaid want's it all back.

    The day of babymaking machines needs to STOP....

    People that smoke they can JUST QUIT I did! I don't want to pay for them either.

    If you are in an accident or have a terminal illiness that can't be helped

    Then I don't mind helping...

    But for the others that live on the welfare rolls for generations Forget it.

    For all of you obamanites just remember how satan tried to tempt Jesus with his words....Jesus already knew that all that glitters is not gold...........

    I was always a staunch Democrat my how things have changed...that party will sell out the honest American worker and for what?

    We all know for what!

    Source(s): Myself and my opinion
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    i believe if you hold a job, you are entitled to health care if provided by your company. the problem with universal health care is those who do not hold jobs will get it too at our expense. this would include the 12-20 millions of illegals too. this would ensure that it would be overburdened from the beginning.

    at present, no health care facility can deny service to those who cannot pay. this has caused many to close since they have been overburdened by these illegals and our citizens have had to go miles to receive treatments.

    we can ill afford all these expensive programs for people who are not citizens and choose not to purchase health care insurance.

    many will not like what you said but it is true, it was their decision to drop out and to not set goals and attain a skill or an education that prepares them to provide for themselves and their families and to want to government to provide for them.

    i know peronally about the health care of Holland and Russia, from relative's inlaws who live there, they suck big time. yes, they are free but you care if awful, long lines, overworked doctors who are second rate, the good ones have left. if you want that then that is what you will get.

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    1 decade ago

    Your third world health system, which costs you much much more than do the far better national health systems of other first and many second world nations, is a joke. It is carefully designed to make maximum profits for all the private companies involved - for minimum service.

    You have by far the most expensive system which delivers less so by adopting an intelligent system you could pay the same, or less, and get a better service - don't you think the US is capable of any intelligence at all.

    Do you realise that US drug companies are charging more for their drugs in the US than they do overseas? Course you don't - your highly self-censored media won't tell you, they're owned by your sort of people too.

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    Universal health-care has been a complete quagmire anywhere it has been implemented.

    Once Government is responsible for health-care they then assume responsibility for your life. Mental health, physical health, what you eat, if you smoke, every aspect they want to control. People better wake up and realize government is not the solution it is the problem.

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