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Internet Explorer cannot open the Internet site... Operation Aborted

Help. Every time I try to view a page on IE I get "Internet Explorer cannot open the Internet site... Operation Aborted" yet if I refresh the page loads fine. I've checked Google but they go on about Java script and putting stupid things in the heading.. I'm not great with computers how am I meant to know what that means?

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    Last night I thought it was just my computer and tried a variety of things, nothing woked. It turns out its not just me. This appears to be happening on blogs that have ads on their site. Blogs without ads are opening just fine. I think something in the java script of one of the ad companies isn't letting IE open it. Hopefully someone somewhere will figure out how to fix this soon.

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    I hate to be useless here, but I'm in the same boat. If anyone has a definitive answer, please email me.


    Okay I thought that it must have been one of the updates. I got both a Windows update and an iTunes update yesterday. I removed the Windows update, the site still aborted (whoops, hope I didn't need that). I removed the Apple Mobile Device Support, same thing.

    I removed the latest version of iTunes, which was updated yesterday and reinstalled it. Same problem.

    Screw Internet Explorer. I'm pissed.

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    Check if you're using SiteMeter on your blog. Click this site to help you with your problem:

    I hope I am able to help.

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    I'm having the same problem!

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    HELP me 2 i have this problem since today HELP Pleace

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    I have the same problem! Please, someone help!

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