Who is in charge of an emergency room?

What is the title of the person in charge of the emergency room at a hospital? I know there is a Charge Nurse, but I don't think they would be in charge of the doctors. Is it a different person each night, week, month or the same person? It's got to be someone on duty that's in charge? Is it the doctor with the most seniority that night? Maybe the on call resident? How does it work?


I don't have any complaints to make. I am just curious cuz my husband just finished an EMT course and needs to put in some rotation/volunteer time in an ER to actually "complete" the course. Also, he would like to put in extra time of observation at other hospitals to gain more knowledge until he takes the EMT National Registry exam. And it gets his name and face out there in the field. He's already got one full day scheduled at one hospital through his school, but just wanted know who he needs to contact at other hospitals. He's so excited about it all and I knew I could get good info on Y!A. Thanks all!

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    where i work we have a A I C, Administrator In Charge, a.k.a

    nursing supervisor. After 3:30pm in the afternoon she is in charge of the hospital and decision making for all the dept.

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    During regular working hours the Hospital Director or the Hospital Administer is in charge of the entire hospital, after the end of the shift the Nursing Supervisor has the responsibilities for the entire hospital (he/she must act according to Hospital Policy and Procedures Guidelines).

    If a patient or a family member has a complaint against, nurses, physician, clerks or other employees they must complete a Hospital Incident Form and address it to the Hospital Administer-during the day, however, if it happens at night then the Nursing Supervisor will be called and they can address the issue to her. A full investigation of the incident will take place. Once the investigation has taken place someone will call the parties with the final decision this process usually take about 30 - 45 days regarding the situation. If you do not hear within that time period the parties can notify the hospital administer regarding the incident.

    I hope that this information is helpful

    Source(s): work in hospitals as a Unit Secretary Supervisor in which I had to address some incident issues.
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    Usually there is a doctor that is in charge. I am not quite sure besides that.

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