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Does anyone know of any online chat to talk and help people w/thoughts of suicide?

I know there are numbers you can call, but I was wondering if there is a site you can go and chat with other people who are going through the same thing?


The reason I prefer to not talk on the phone is because I just can't stop crying, then I go into anxioty (sp) attacks... theres so much i need to get out , and I need to know how to shake these thoughts. I have even written good bye letters to those closest to me... I am at a breaking point and really need some help

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    There are a lot of people who care about you and your life on this planet. Don't give in to despair. Hang in there :-)

    I found the following chat line, but I'm not familiar with it so I don't know whether it's good or not:

    Here's a phone number also:

    The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is a 24-hour, toll-free suicide prevention service available to anyone in suicidal crisis. If you need help, please dial 1-800-273-TALK (8255). You will be routed to the closest possible crisis center in your area. With more than 130 crisis centers across the country, our mission is to provide immediate assistance to anyone seeking mental health services. Call for yourself, or someone you care about. Your call is free and confidential.

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    I many times never answer questions that i don't comprehend the respond too yet i've got confidence like suicide questions are significant no remember what so hear it is going. I truthfully don't comprehend in the event that they do stuff like that so i could in simple terms seem into it yet whilst there is not any longer, in simple terms call, in case you desire, then one call can shop your existence. perhaps you need to even in simple terms call and ask and tell them the style you experience, they're all approximately helping you so idk. in case you ever desire somebody to purely refer to you are able to continually digital mail me! sturdy luck :)

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    Call that number and ask them about sites.

    Do a "google" and type in SUICIDAL THOUGHTS HELP

    I hope all is well otherwise. If you have a friend thinking suicide, remind them that they would be hurting more than themselves, namely you, and those who love him/her.

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    Totally free and anonymous

    Peer-to-Peer (i.e., it is not monitored by doctors or authorities of any kind)

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