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best restaurant for root beer floats?

I'd say A&W, awesome, what other resteraunts have good floats?

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    Summer is officially here and SONIC Drive-In is offering a great way for its customers to cool off as the temperatures rise. This Summer, SONIC Drive-Ins will offer customers free Root Beer Floats between 8 p.m. and midnight. SONIC Drive-Ins plan to serve up more than 3 million free Root Beer Floats to customers coast to coast during this special event.

    "One of SONIC's core values is to surprise and delight our customers. Free Root Beer Floats are a great way to do this, by offering an unexpected sweet treat to kick off summer," said Todd Townsend, vice president and chief marketing officer-Sonic Industries Services Inc. "SONIC is the place to go this summer when you need something sweeter after dark."

    SONIC is stocked on the delectable, sweet, cool and frothy treat to keep you cool all summer long. The Root Beer Float is a unique treat; you can have it old-fashioned style or blended -- whipping the soft serve into the bubbly root beer for a smooth, delicious drink. And, at $.99 during the month of June, the Classic Root Beer Float has an even sweeter price.


    Yours Truly Restaurants Root Beer Float

    There are 379 calories in the Yours Truly Restaurants Root Beer Float.


    Jack in the Box restaurants has introduced its newest product – the Root Beer Float – a classic ice-cold treat to help you beat the heat. Made with real vanilla ice cream and Barq's® Root Beer, Jack's Root Beer Float is a standout in the chain's long line of innovative shakes,

    1930 Original recipe



    Just pick up a 4-pack of Fitz's Root Beer or any Fitz's flavor at St. Louis area supermarkets. Cut out the "proof of purchase" on the carton bottom and bring to Fitz's restaurant. Present your "proof of purchase" and get the world's greatest ice cream float --FREE.

    Redeemable only at Fitz's American Grill and Bottling Works at 6605 Delmar. One per customer and only original "proof of purchase" valid.

    Food Network superstar, Rachael Ray, stops by Fitz's to sample our special birthday float and much more. See Rachael's complete story about Fitz's on the Food Network's "Rachael Ray's Tasty Travels". For more information go to and click on "Tasty Travels" and "Saint Louis"

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    fairly use Hagen Daas. yet do no longer use vanilla bean, in basic terms vanilla or french vanilla. the two Thomas Kemper Root Beer, or Stewarts root beer is the desirable. do you already understand that North American's are the only ones who like root beer? somebody recommended me this so i prepared to attempt it. specific sufficient! My pal from Sweden reported it tasted like toothpaste. The chinese language scholars in my branch hated it. A traveling student from Switzerland reported it became damaging, and a series of French that have been traveling concept it became disgusting! Yup, it particularly is an American component - rootbeer floats!

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    Momma's restauraunt. Mine are the best!

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    I only know of A&W... delicious!

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    a&w, you never go wrong

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