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how is the weather usually in october in Avon , Dare County ,North Carolina?

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    Highs are normally in the low-mid 70s (around 77 beginning Oct. and 70 end).

    Lows are normally in the 50s (59 start, 48 end).

    Normal precip is 5.31". October is pretty wet for Dare county.

    Of course at that time of the year, cold fronts start coming down and temps can vary a lot. You can have one day with hi/low of 90/75 and humid and then another 68/45 and dry. Very cold weather is very unlikely since temps are moderated by the water all around. Freezing overnight lows won't happen.

    Also, October is when hurricanes can affect Dare County so you can have a huge amount of rain. But overall it's pretty wet with still the afternoon thunderstorms happening often. When it rains, it's often intense downpours that don't last very long, unless it's a hurricane.

    Source(s): Look at the table below for temperatures (scroll down to October and use Cape Hatteras): http://www.erh.noaa.gov/mhx/Climo/normal_avg_max_t... Look at the table below for min temperatures (scroll down to October and use Cape Hatteras): http://www.erh.noaa.gov/mhx/Climo/normal_avgmin_te... Monthly precip doesn't have a nice link, but I found out that it's 5.31" by digging around the National Weather Service site. And I'm a meteorologist.
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