How to convince my parents that I need texting now that I'm going to college.

My parents cut my texting completely off a few months because they didn't think I needed it. They say I can just call them. I'm trying really hard to convince them that I need it now especially for college but they don't seem to understand.

Can you please give me some good reasons I can give to my parents to convince them? Thank you!!!

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    You might consider offering to pay the difference between having texting and not having texting. This will show to them that it's something you really want and are mature enough to have back.

    For example, if texting on your cell phone plan is an extra $10 a month, offer to pay your parents either $90 at one time to have it for the whole school year or promise you'll send them a check each month or whatever.

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    My courses have lots of group projects, and it can be a little annoying to call each of the other members of the group. It is so much easier to send a text to all of them at the same time with the same info. While this can be done in email, you never know how often they check it. Also with calls you never know their class schedules.

    As someone else was university does send out text messages and emails if there is an emergency on campus (gas leak, shooting, flood, bomb threat, etc).

    In college you will be meeting lots of new people who text all the time. Some will undoubtedly text you not knowing you don't have a text plan. Reading these texts will cost you more than a monthly plan.

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    What college course requires texting as a mandatory part of the learning process? I cannot think of one valid reason why you should have it. You already have a phone, what circumstance will you be in that has your phone not working but texting does? If you want texting so darn bad, then go get a job and pay for it.

  • eri
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    Either pay for it yourself or ignore their phone calls and tell them you usually can't answer the phone (don't want to interrupt all those important classes and meetings) but you'd be happy to text them instead, since that wouldn't be a distraction.

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  • 1 decade ago

    No one "needs" texting. Just be like other people and only use your phone in case of emergency or use your laptop or computer for sending email. Texting is just a fad.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Tell them you will get texts sent to your phone all the time no matter what you do and getting texts charges extra without a texting plan.

  • 1 decade ago

    Ahh i would go crazy if i didnt have text.

    well you can say

    If their was a like big emergency and you tried to call your parents the call wouldnt go through because soo many people are trying to call people at once which like ties up the phone service or watever.

    and if you had text it would easier go through. ( i heard that on the news one day)

    Texting is cheaper then wasting daytime mins.

    It'll teach you how to spell :D

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    tell them calling is so 2 years ago. because texting to me is pointless. well a great way for cellphone companys to make money tell them that to.

  • Steve
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    1 decade ago

    Tell them if theres a shooter on campus like at VA tech they send out txt warnings

  • 1 decade ago

    you cant answer or make a call with one or two bars but u can send and recieve text with one or two bars

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