Can a dog and fox breed?

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if they are from the same animal family canine and are both canines and related can they still bree and have offsprings or puppies,, this had worked with the cats when a cat and a an more
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  • NEKAI answered 6 years ago
As others have said, there was a myth of a dog/fox mix, but it was never proven.

A dog and a fox cannot product offspring. It *may* be possible, but highly, highly unlikely. The reason being is that dogs (and wolves, coyotes, jackals and coyotes - any Canis species) have 78 chromosomes and fox have 38. Without the same number of chromosomes, they likely cannot successfully produce offspring.

The Asian Leopard and the domestic cat were able to produce offspring because they shared the same (38) number of chromosomes. But the offspring may be infertile.
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  • Rosalie answered 6 years ago
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  • Righteous James answered 6 years ago
    They are not in the same genus so no. Although dogs can interbreed with jackals, coyotes, wolves, and dingoes. There has never been a confirmed statement of a fox/dog hybrid.....just rumors.
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  • PERFECT POMS answered 6 years ago
    They cannot.
    True, they are both in the Canine Family.
    But, they are too diffrent to actually reproduce.
    Just like a Wild Cat like the Lion couldn't mate with a Domestic cat.
    But, just as a wolf can mate with a domestic dog.
    Servals can also mate with domestic cats creating the Savannah cat.
    But, some are too diffrent.
    Yes, some wild cats can breed with Domestic Cats.
    And some types of wild dogs can breed with domestic dogs.
    But, some are just too diffrent.

    There are exceptions.
    But, not for everything.
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  • Soaring Raptor answered 6 years ago
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  • rescue member answered 6 years ago
    No, way different species.
    Cats are cats - and I had a cat that was part bobcat so I know that is possible, but dogs and foxes are not the same species at all.

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  • Amy S answered 6 years ago
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  • Little Birdie. answered 6 years ago
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  • Jorjor answered 6 years ago
    No. Yes we can all agree that foxes and dogs are in the family called canidae. But there is an even more specific classification called Canis. Dogs can only breed with canidea members in the canis Sub-Family. This includes dingos,wolves,and of course their fellow domestic dogs.

    Just like the answerer above me, thats why hounds almost always attemt to kill any foxes they see. Because they aren't close enough to recognize them as fellow dogs.
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  • Mandy J answered 6 years ago
    no sorry but a dog would rather kill a fox than mate with it if it's ever been done it was most likeley done in a sick laboratry sorry
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  • Yes they can but it will rarely happen.
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  • glamourjunkie answered 6 years ago
    Yes, they can. There have been a few unconfirmed reports [terrier x fox hybrid], but from a genetic view it's not impossible. Just as wolves & dogs, dogs & dingos, or dogs & jackals can breed. Just because two animals are in the same family doesn't mean they necessarily can breed, or will breed, but in this case its believed they can.
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  • Hoot answered 6 years ago
    Of course they can breed!

    Mainly in England, however, where the puppy is known as a "Fog".
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