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Why don't I love my children anymore

I don't love them anymore - I feel they are talking up all my time and they are so bothersome!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Forget these people that say your crazy! They probably never have been depressed. I know how it feels but i have to say i never stopped loving my kids. I was just really grumpy all the time to them. I actually felt more sorry for my kids then me at the time.Do you get a break? I dont think you hate your kids i think you are depressed. Sometimes they drive you crazy and you cant seem to get away from them but i think you still love them. They are a part of you! You gave them life and if they are little children they are so innocent. You really need some counseling ASAP. You need to contact a Dr. and set an appointment to sit and explain this. Im sure the Dr. could point you in the right direction. Ask someone to give you a break from them every now and then and do somethings for yourself. Maybe you would appreciate them more. Good luck

  • 1 decade ago

    It would be nice to have more information about your children like ages!

    Sometimes parents get depressed and down, and feel this way about their children, because they don't get a break from them. So find someone you trust, and go away for a weekend! If you can't have a weekend get away, then go away for the day or a few hours to recharge yourself. It helps trust me! I love my two more than anything but some days I want to pull my hair out!

    I was a stay at home mom for 6 years, never left anyone watch them to give me a break. The last year was horrible, I was depressed and felt like my life was like a record everyday was the same thing. I went and got a job and love it! It gets me out of the house a few hours 5 days a week, and when I come home I enjoy my kids again because I have that break!

    Good Luck!


    Remember, you are their parent, and they learn by YOU. No matter what never tell them you don't love them. Kids take everything to heart and will think they did something wrong even when it's us who is feeling down, and just need a break!

    And if they are young make sure you let them know how much you love them, by telling them and showing them cuddle with them hug them it will do good for all of you!

  • 5 years ago

    Well, it is tough to mention seeing that we do not realize the whole main issue. If you fairly consider you can be depressing seeing that you do not love him, it does not always make experience to stick within the courting seeing that ultimately the little one will admire the disappointment and beauty why you stayed. Children are not given sufficient credit score for what they honestly notice.... On the opposite hand, you have got to ensure that you don't love him and would no longer gain knowledge of to like him, both. It's convenient to leap out of a courting after a couple of years whilst workouts were set in stone and matters get uninteresting and annoying. Also, ensure you're financially at ease sufficient to aspect approaches with no need unintended effects at the little one. If you make a decision to get a divorce, ensure you hold matters civil. A little one can advantage from having a father determine.

  • 6 years ago

    I love how all these ignorant a** ppl keep trying to lecture you on your decision as an adult to have sex. That's really none of their business and doesn't answer your question at all. If you seriously can't cope with your kids anymore give them to their father or find a safe loving place for them to be. It doesn't make you a bad person it makes you and honest person. Half the ppl trying to bash you on this page feel the same way they just don't want to admit it so they hide behind a few cliche sayings to make you feel like you're crazy.

    You aren't alone. Seriously consider some options for yourself. Best of luck dear.


    Someone who understands more than you know <3

  • 1 decade ago

    Really there can be several reasons that you feel this way. You can be depressed, overwelmed and have no support system, such as a helpful partner and family that you can have watch them for several hours to get some time to yourself which everyone needs. Or you are just being selfish.If it is the first reason it can be fixed. Talk to your doctor and get some help for the depression and then find a support system to help you with your kids. There are a lot of mommy's day outs, that you can find for giving yourself some "me" time. Hopefully its not the second option of being selfish, I doubt there's a fix for that. Eitherway Good luck Your babies need you.

  • 1 decade ago

    Are you serious? I am a mother 3 and I stay at home with them. Yes I do have moments of frustration and anger about not having any time for myself but to see those little faces when they aren't driving me batty is so worth the drama. They are in this world because of your decision to have sex. Although ungrateful at times they love you unconditionally and you should love them the same. You should really get some help maybe talk to a pastor or a therapist. I am so sorry you feel so withdrawn from them. You need to try to reconnect and make special bonds with them again. Take time for yourself but make sure you take time to know your children and enjoy the things they enjoy.

    Good luck and I hope you get past this!

  • 1 decade ago

    I hope that this is a joke statement, but if it isn't, honestly, I don't think you don't love them anymore...I think it's just frustration. Kids can change a lot of things in your life. Party-time decreases and sometimes they get in the way of a martial relationship. And it pisses you off every once in a while, because kids do take a chunk out of your life. And every once in a while they have moments where they're ungrateful and don't appreciate what you do for them. It happens. Maybe you even need to get away from them for a while and just refresh yourself.

    My son drives me bonkers, but I love him with all my heart. I have a son with autism and sometimes I wonder why he can't be like other children, but I push back and say I have him for a reason. I celebrate the things that he can do. Yeah, sometimes we can't go out in public because he may have a panic attack. That angers me, but I never think for one second that I don't love him and remind myself that he can't help it. If you have healthy children you should feel doubly blessed.

    And there's nothing wrong with wanting to just skip out and breathe every once in a while, after you've left them in the care of someone you love and trust. I think you just need a little you time. Because honestly, I think you're venting and are just frustrated with how trapped you may feel. Honestly, kids are blessing.

    It was your decision to have them and you know what causes kids, right? So, when you decided to lay down with whomever and carry these kids to term you made the decision to be a parent. There's no giving them back...and I understand that there are days where your kids may make you want to pull your hair out, but believe me you still love them no matter how much they frustrate the hell out of you. I think you're just talking from an angry place.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I think you have honestly lost your flipping mind.Let me ask you do you know what causes having children because if you did not want them then you should not have layed down then.This aggrivates me to the fullest because there are so many people out there in this world who would love to have children and can't and for you to say that you have children and you don't like them makes me sick to my stomach.I have three beautiful girls and I am a stay at home mother and you know what I have my days where I would like to rip out my hair but you know your children learn from example and god knows you talking like this I hate to see how you act around them I hope you seek couseling for this because if not you are liable to hurt one of those inocent children or yourself so please do us all a favor don't have anymore kids and seek help ASAP

  • 1 decade ago

    you should under stand your responsibility as a parent

    it happens to all of the parents but although they continue

    and remember how empty your life would have been without them

    remember them when they were young and weak and rememberr that raising

    a new person into the world is a hard but a great job

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Gosh, I'm so glad I decided to be childfree a long time ago. You should've thought about it before you had them...sorry too late now. Poor kids.

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