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what name is given to unidentified dead bodies?

i have heard rumors of unknown bodies being named as john smith or john brown, what are they actually called?

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    Usually they're named "John/Jane Doe" with their case number following it. There are, however, unidentified men/women with a different surname following Doe. This usually happens because people in the community feel bad and don't want to have just "another" John/Jane Doe.

    I've heard of a unidentified baby christianed "Precious Doe", and also a girl named "Princess Doe". Also, they might be given another first name starting with a "J", such as James or Judy.

    Source(s): I research missing/unidentified people.
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    Unidentified Dead Bodies

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    Males are John Doe, Females are Jane Doe.

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    In America it's John or Jane Doe. A number is also assigned. If the body remains unclaimed it's eventually buried or cremated.

    In Los Angeles County unclaimed bodies are cremated and their ashes buried in a common grave every year. The grave is marked with the year they were interred and number of each John or Jane Doe buried in that particular plot.

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    There are only three possible causes for objection to this exhibit: The bodies were obtained by paying people to end their lives and donate their bodies. The bodies were obtained without prior consent of the deceased or their families. The bodies were obtained from prisons. The first issue is VALID but extremely unlikely. The other two are only objectionable if you are superstitious or religious. I am neither, so the second two issues do not bother me in the least. It is a display of bodies, not people. You can not harm a person who no longer exists, apart from harming their good name or reputation, and this exhibit does neither.

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    Jane Doe is typically the name given by hospitals to unconscious patients.

    The same goes for unidentified people who have passed away.

    Does this help?

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    John or jane Doe.

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