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A: If you go to junior hockey while your still in high school, do you get your education through your team or league? How does that all work? B: Is it possible to get a scholly playing high school hockey in wisconsin? C: If I played junior hockey after high school, would I be getting education? Or would I just go to college after playing juniors? How does that all work? Please answer the best you can, I really want to get some more information!!!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    both are right

    Snipes covered about everything

    But TPS is also right, TPS is talking about canadian hockey players and is right in that aspect about being better off playing tier 2 juniors in canada if wanting to play NCAA puck.

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  • 1 decade ago

    a) No....you will have to transfer to the local high school and get your diploma or be homeschooled

    b)yes...not typical in most states but Wisconsin is definitely an exception...the NHL draft contains many high school players from wisconsin and minnesota every year

    c)you can play hockey and goto school if you want, but most college teams look for players to give scholarships to for 4 years...so you can only take a few classes a school year and have to talk to a team executive and school counselor to make sure you clear the NCAA clearinghouse....do a search on the NCAA clearinghouse policy and you will know a lot more!!

    Hope this helps

    And TPS man is incorrect about the whole high school player going to states theory.... D1 AND D3 NCAA teams offer players scholarships all the time, often they send these players to a junior team to grow as a player and sharpen their skills....But isnt out of the question!!

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    1 decade ago

    well first ill tell you that colleges arent going to offer scholarships to highschool player anymore unless you go to states,if you want a scholarship to a college your best option is to go to juniors.some teams offer education but it will most likely be a major junior a team and there are a lot of them who hold open tryouts.if your traveling to play for a junior team the team will most likely put you in a highschool in there teams town.

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  • 3 years ago

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