If you were a writer of Y&R?

If you were the writer of Y&R, what changes or additions would you make to the storylines or characters? I would want Adam and Heather to marry and have kids, Nick/Sharon and Victor/Nikki to get back together again. Also, get rid of Chloe and Amber.

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  • Tara
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    1 decade ago
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    Chloe would be history.

    Amber would play a much different part - I have seen her in another soap - she has much more potential than what she is playing on Y ^ R.

    Brad would be hooked-up with someone new - someone who really accented him - and they could burn the screen up together ..

    OR .. bring Christine back to match up with Paul.

    Phyllis would have a love affair with Danny - and fall madly in love with him.

    Bring back the old Colleen.

    Sabrina would live. She would make Victor fall head over heals in love with her. For a long time, it would be good with them. Then - she would play him .. and control him - because he was helplessly in love with her.

    Give Gloria lots more things .. she's good.

    Bring back Neal's wife Dru that was supposedly drowned .. she would be a HUGE pick-up for the show.

    Allow Nikki to get involved with an aristocratic man -- someone more handsome, and more powerful, than Victor .. and she becomes an elite

    socialite who snubbs her nose at Victor .. and her new husband has the power over Victor to do anything he pleases ...

    Allow Nick to become successful on his own - huge .. and to eventually have a love affair with Sharon .. and not just a regular love .. let it be a fabulous event ...

    Let Katherine find someone special - and have the times of her life - lots of laughter, love, giddiness ,,, and let Katherine give Amber all the good graces to be better in life from every aspect .. allow Katherine to

    rebuild Amber to be successful ... and let Amber rise above Cain, Jill, Phyllis, and Daniel ...

    These are just a few simple ones ...

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  • 1 decade ago

    I would want Sharon and Nick back together and to try for another child, Phyllis can go wherever as long as her nose is out of her sons business with Amber, I think Amber and Daniel should be come a better couple and learn to forgive and forget and move to a pent house in L.A., Lilly and Cane I hope something happens major with them because them as a couple is very boring, lilly should be in sabrinas place right now in my opinion! Victor and Nikki should reunite, Sabrina should live and realize she is not right for victor and patch up her friendship with Victoria, and I think Neil and Tyra should hook up, and Michael should get a huge case thats going to cause some drama in the newman family and him and lauren should have another child (they are the only civil couple on the show right now) and after they have another child, Sheila should come back and terrorize Genoa City looking like Sharon , lastly Gloria and her annoying husband jeffrey should go bankrupt when they loose their stock of jabot, and I hope that mrs. Chancelor and Jill have another go around and lock Chloe in the attic to keep her away from Cane and Lilly and have a better Mother daughter relationship even though Jill is a spiteful B*tch! and Kevin and jana should end up with a few kids and not allow his mother near them and have that stir up some drama in the jeffrey household.♥

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    1. Adam & Heather - Yes. I'd like them to get married.

    2. Nick & Sharon -- Not yet. I like Nick with Phyllis.

    3. Vicor & Nikki -- No way. Right now Victor hates Nikki.

    4. Chloe -- Yes. Get rid of her.

    5. Amber -- No. I like Amber.


    1. Cane & Lily -- have them get married and take a LOOOOOONG homemoon.

    2. Daniel -- Have him forgive Amber and get back together.

    3. Restless Style -- Have Jack&Phyllis buy out Nick&Sharon or viseversa.

    4. Gloria&Jeff -- Have they take over Jabot and throw Jill to the curb.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I'd Bring Back: Dru Winters, Nate Hastings Jr., Cassie Newman, John Abbott, Malcolm Winters, Sheila Carter would drop in occassionally, Lily Winters (betrayed by Davetta Sherwood) I can't stand Crystal Khalil she's so whiney.

    I'd Kick Off: Chloe, Amber Moore, she belongs on B&B, Jackass Abbott, Brad Carlton, Phyllis Newman

    Put Together: Victor & Nikki (for good), Nick & Sharon (for good), Neil & Dru again forever.

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  • Mar
    Lv 6
    1 decade ago

    How about letting Mrs. Chancellor's have a love in her life. Put Paul and Nikki together for a while and Jill and Victor try it a little. But Chloe has got to go. Amber could try Jack for a while. Let's play musical chairs to shake everything up.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I would have kept Sabrina on the show pregnant and then later had the baby not be Victors so then he could run back to Nikki b/c I do agree on that one I want them to get back together! I don't like Nick and Sharon together I would rather she her with Brad, I think him and Phyllis are good together. I agree with the whole Chloe thing I can't stand her I just want to punch the TV when I see her, I like amber she used to be on B&B and when she left I was kinda upset but very happy they brought her to Y&R as the same character, I do think adam and heather are cute together it's just that Adam get's on my nerves sometimes.......

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    If i was an Writer of Y&R i would have an Adam vs Victor vs Jack storyline, where Adam gets payback on Victor for him missing out on Adam Childhood.. and Adam would trick Victor into giving him Newman so that he could run the company. and make his father proud of him

    But then Adam goes to Jack and sells Newman to him so then Jack becomes the owner of Victor company, so when Victor find's out all about this . none of his other childrens would care. since he treated both Nick and Victoria badly so Victor would've to find a way to get back his company from Jack

    As for Adam and Victor they will get back together but it would be hard work, just like Victor would have to win back his other two childrens trust.. so together they will team up and try to get back Newman from Jack. also i would love to see Adam and Heather get marry on the show. oh Nick and Sharon will be so fresh to see

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  • * I would have kept Sabrina pregnant on the show

    * I would get rid of Chloe

    * I would havce Nick and Phillis run Restless Style

    * I like Adam and Heather too!

    * I want Amber and Daniel to get back together

    * I want Nikki and Victor to get back together

    * I want Dru to come back and reunite with Neil

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  • 1 decade ago

    this is what i'd do...

    1. ask brenda dickson to reprise her role as jill foster abbott

    2. make chloe go to LA and annoy the crap out of stephanie forrester an the B&B cast.(LOL!)

    3. let amber stay but get together with daniel

    4. cane and lily marry and have a child named after drucilla

    5. dru comes back to genoa city, and can't remember a thing but sooner or later will

    6. victor gets back together with nikki-- FOR GOOD

    7. sabrina comes back from the dead-- a little too much but everybody likes her

    8. the girl that plays star on OLTL (don't know her name) joins the cast as a sexually active teen that has a fling with the older noah!!

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  • 1 decade ago

    I would not kill off Sabrina, David would've never got close enough to Nikki to breathe her air, Amber and Chloe would fall down a well, Daniel in tow. Gloria and the supposed to be dead dude would kill each other, and Jack would get slapped across the face for printing that article. And Lily and Cane would get married and have 5 million kids :] Dru would come back too!

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