bridal dress shopping?

What can I expect when I go bridal dress shopping? What kinds of things do I need to bring with (shoes? strapless bra?) I'm clueless!

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    Q. How long does it take to order a wedding gown?

    A. Wedding gowns take approximately 4 to 5 months to order.

    Q. How do I start looking for a wedding gown?

    A. Start by looking through the bridal magazines and mark the styles that you like or think that would look good on you. It would be helpful to the bridal shops if you bring these photos with you to try on gowns. Be open-minded to try on gowns that are recommended by the professionals helping you. Unless you absolutely hate the look of the gown, try it on. You can never might be "the one."

    Q. Do I need to bring any special undergarments with me to try on gowns?

    A. Yes, you should either bring with you or wear a strapless bra. Many of the new styles are strapless.

    Q. How many gowns should I try on at each bridal shop?

    A. Do not try on more than five gowns at each bridal shop as the more you try on the more overwhelming it becomes and you will have difficulty remembering which gowns looked the best on you. Take photos at the bridal shops that allow picture taking. This will help you to remember and to compare.

    Q. How much information should I give to the bridal consultant helping me?

    A. You should give as much information as necessary. The consultant will need to know if the ceremony is outdoors or indoors. Tell her what kind of styles that you like or dislike. Is there a particular fabric that you like or dislike? Most importantly, do you have a budget that you need to work with? If so, by all means be truthful with the consultant and give her this information. Do not waste your time and her time looking at gowns that are beyond your budget. The wedding consultant can help you look for the best gown in your budget.

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    During my shopping experience I have found they will provide you with a pair of shoes, and even a bra (but this is gross so I would wear my own). Wear something comfortable so that you don't have a difficult time gettting undressed and dressed.

    As far as what to expect, I think it was like buying a car. You walk in and say you are just looking, and they will bagger you anyway they know to try and get you to buy. They will ask you your budget then show you dresses that are way out of it. Then when you are "test driving" the dress they will put your hair up and stick a veil on you and try to sell you on the whole picture. If a store makes you feel uncomfortable when you are just looking, then go someplace else. You will be dealing with them for several months between shopping and fittings and you don't need the headache.

    I know this sounds negative, but weddings are a big business. Don't get me started on Davids Bridal. Well just one word of caution with Davids. Actually two. It's nice to be able to try dresses on that are closer to your size, since places only stock size 12 and for most that won't fit. But when you order a dress they will tell you to order a size larger then you really need because then you will need more alterations (ie. it will cost more $$$). Ask to see a size chart and you should purchase the dress that fits the largest of your measurments. Also do not by any means get your alterations done at Davids. They are a fixed price. Their prices are outrageous. You can get the same alterations done at any shop. Ask around to find a reputable one.

    I know I know I sound negative. I just think you need to shop smartly. The dress is a big deal. Don't go in blindly shopping. Enjoy the whole experience. You only get to be the center of the day once!

    Source(s): Wedding October 11th, 2008. Bridesmaid too many times.
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    Without wearing proper undergarments to try on wedding dresses, the trip can pretty much be considered a waste. After all, there’s not a woman alive who hasn’t experienced the transformation powers of the right shape wear or bra. Sample sales are popular among brides, but you must keep in mind that you are typically truly purchasing just that a sample: The dress has been tried on by hundreds of brides and could have been torn, stained, or otherwise damaged during the process. Before making a purchase, check the gown very carefully for any damage and if there's anything that can’t easily be fixed, put it back. Some brides end up spending hundreds in alterations to fix what’s wrong with the sample when they could’ve found a similar brand new dress for not much more money.

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    When choosing a dress it's not necessary to have your shoes and undergarments yet. Most brides want to choose the dress first then choose the appropriate accessories.

    Since you will be undressing my only suggestion would be to wear a bra and panties that you are not embarassed to be seen by your friends or family in. Sometimes we need a little help in the dressing room.

    Other than that, nothing special.

    Once you've chosen your dress it is important to wear the appropriate undergarments and shoes to your fittings to get the proper fit.

    You should take a few girls or your mom with you to help you choose! I always suggest to have each person choose a few different dresses. Remember never judge the dress on the hanger, always try it on before you decide!

    Good luck!

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    Have an idea of what you want so that the store staff can help you find dresses. But, also be open to trying on various dress styles. You might be surprised at what looks good and what doesn't. As for bringing shoes and bra, I don't think you need to, but you could always call the store ahead of time and check.

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    wear a strapless bra and light color underwear you are comfortable in people seeing you, sometimes they get right int hat dressing room with you

    bring shoes with heels you think is about the height you would wear

    try on lots before make a choice and have fun!

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    For your first shopping trip just bring yourself, some ideas of what type of dress style you'd like to try, and any friends/family you want to come with.

    You don't need shoes or undergarments until you go for your fittings.

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    Bring shoes the same height that you plan on wearing for the wedding, nude underwear and bra(pack a bag with a few different types of bra), a camera, and a really good friend or few. Happy hunting!

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    calm down! you don't have to bring anything. you can bring ur shoes if you want. good luck, and congrats!!!!!!!!!!!

    Source(s): my own experience
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