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Banking System (USA)??

Why should the USA NATIONALIZE it's banks an put them to the service of AMERICANS??

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    They shouldn't! Nationalizing only takes away from the individual and gives the rights to the government. Liberty belongs to the people.

    The problem isn't private banking, it's government meddling and quasi private/government mixing. Oil and water doesn't mix any better than private/government do.

    You want to blame someone, look at the Federal Reserve, which is a private banking cartel. The system is designed to transfer the wealth of the people to the Reserve bankers.

    It is the largest scam in history. They charge us interest on paper (dollars) printed by the citizens (US Treasury). The Constitution is clear and states the government should supply our currency interest-free.

    Ask yourself why we pay them interest? It benefits the Congress to have an unlimited supply of funds which they use to bribe the public with in exchange for votes and power. The bankers have a guarantee for never ending profits on the interest on the debts. Not to mention most of the Fed banks are not even US owned.

    Would you trust the government to balance your personal budget or your checkbook? They have done such a wonderful job with the national budget.

    By the way, I am debt free, including my home on a family income of about $60,000 yr. I don't get my financial advise from broke people (Congress).

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    They do what ever they want to; but thru the IMF they criminalize undeveloped countries that do the same...

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