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Gemini and Taurus couple?

For fun:

I'm a Gemini (June 2, 1991) and he's a Taurus (May 19, 1989). I don't know what time he was born, but I was apparently born about 1 pm. I know just about every site says that we're going to eventually kill each other, so I'm curious about your opinions. We're both pretty laidback and easy-going, pretty understanding, and while I have occasional mood swings he deals with it pretty well.

So how are we supposed to interact, again, and any tips for this star-crossed (or rather, star-smashed) match?


Oh, and any personal experience with either sign would be great, too :)

Update 2:

Oddly enough, I'm usually the more physical and aggressive one. He's just a big cuddlebear.

So yeah, maybe it's just that we understand each other...now to find out what my friend's boyfriend's sign is. She's an Aries.

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    Gemini & Taurus

    The Gemini personality may prove to be just a tad bit too restless and hyper for the Taurus. The two astrological signs are emotionally at odds with one another. The mercurian outlook on intimate matters does not sit well with the son or daughter of Venus. Gemini tends to love a variety of spiritual thoughts, and delights in all mental pursuits, while the Taurean is mostly interested in the material things of life. The tremendous physical drive of the Taurean could overpower the more docile Gemini, but once the mental barriers are broken, it will be the stuff that romance novels are made from! Even though these two appear to be a very poor match, this astrology compatibility match up can work out. Sometimes opposites attract, and odds have been known to be beaten from time to time. Do not discourage if you are in one of these relationships, true love is a powerful thing that can overcome much. What you will need to work on the most is patience for one another.

    Love & Blessings


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    Real astrologers don't use Sun-indicators to examine compatibility. Gemini/Taurus? Gemini/Sagittarius? Depends at the relaxation of the chart evaluation. You understand this. If you are bored, cross flip at the TV or learn a ebook. Or gain knowledge of a few astrology.

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    I'm a Gemini as well (June 17, 1992) and every where I've read it says Geminis are meant to be with a Taurus but sometimes the stars can be wrong.

    Just go with your gut, or your heart, whatever feels right. If you two are meant to be together then everything will right itself. The universe will always unfold as it should.

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    I am a Gemini and the one I have been with for the last 15 years is a taurus. TAKE IT FROM ME...DONT DO IT!!! If relationships are built on fate and astrological signs then my advice is STAY FAR AWAY. From my experience taurus is introvert and gemini is extrovert. Not compatable at all. All you will end up doing is fighting and be so unhappy.

    Just my experience...

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