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swing vote trailer song....cant figure it out and i need it

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plaese help. i need it for something.


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    The song is called "Boom Boom" and was originally recorded by John Lee Hooker, but it has been covered by a lot of bands and is in quite a number of movies, including Blues Brothers and Impostor.

    Boom Boom is in the trailer, but not in the movie Swing Vote. However, there are quite a few good songs in the movie: 23 in all. Here's the complete list of songs. The videos and downloads for them are at the link below. Enjoy!

    Can't You See - Marshall Tucker Band

    Take The Highway - Marshall Tucker Band

    Fiesta - Mariachi La Estrella

    Good One Coming On - Blackberry Smoke

    Don't Lock 'Em Away (Song For Molly) - Modern West

    Starlight Lounge - Modern West

    Hey Man What About You? - Modern West

    Backyard - Modern West

    Desierto De Texas - Bertin Y Lalo

    Starlight Lounge - Jan Piet Den Tex

    Flower - Moby

    Whole Lotta People - D. O'Connell

    El Toro Bravo - Xocoyotzin Herrera

    All Of Us Together - Red Rhythm

    Murder - David Gilmour

    Pleasant Day – Dr. Caligari

    Always On My Mind - Willie Nelson

    Entertainment Tonight Theme Music - Michael Mark

    Fredrik Sandsten - Fredrik Sandsten

    Ten Years Ahead - Soundtrack of Our Lives

    This Little Light Of Mine - Allan Ett and Scott Liggett

    In Spite Of Me - Morphine

    Carry On - Crosby Stills Nash & Young

    Original music – John Debney

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    which song ? there r a few in the trailer

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