Help with viruses and Trojan's/Best Anti-Virus Program

Ok, my computer is all screwed up, or so i think it is. run a Windows defender scan and it says i have a Severe Trojan virus called: Trojan:Win32/Vundo/gen!L and i press "apply actions" a window then pops up saying that it needs to send some info to Microsoft to gain information about the things to further the effectiveness of windows defender. so i do send the information and it says it encountered a problem "one or more actions could not be completed successfully". So i check for updates as it recommends and there is none. great I'm screwed. so i then go to my McAfee and do a scan, the scan stops in the middle of it and shuts down the McAfee program Wonderful what now? So then i notice on Internet explorer that is i type something in to google say Myspace and click on the myspace link it directs me to a totally different site such as Elle magazine ?!?! i have no idea whats going on is that caused my the virus?

next i look up best Anti-virus softwares and find Spyware Doctor... and i just found out i have a **** load of threats and infections T_T

10 threats and 344 infections to be exact i have 2 highs, 2 mediums ,4 lows, and 2 "info & PUAs" great, great now im stuck.

ok now time to solve the problem what do you recommend me doing? buying a anti-virus software such as Spyware doctor?

please help thanks.

ps one of the things is a backdoor.agent?!?!

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