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Which is better? Skype or Magic Jack?

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    If somebody has NOT actually tried them both, they can't offer you much of an opinion... If you have dial-up, Magic Jack will not work at all! Skype might actually work on it.

    The best Skype phone sells for well over $100, but you don't need a PC. I think its soft phone is bit lame in my opinion, but the price ($0) is right. You can not get a Magic Jack for free, but once you have it, all USA &/or Canada calls are free.

    Magic Jack requires a PC but costs MUCH less and can use ANY phone!

    Above is a link to the "Big Gun" Skype phone, but scroll down to read the mixed reviews. Most people who buy a Magic Jack just LOVE it! (Unless they have a old pc, slow connection or somehow didn't install Magic Jack properly.

    Above is a link to a good primer on the Magic Jack. There are also links for discount coupon codes, area code list and some screen shot previews of the install process. Some good advice on there as well...

    Voice quality on MJ will generally sound MUCH better, which is really important for most people. Skype is more hit and miss with a greater chance of having some echo present. Of course, if you hook up some OLD cheap phone to the Magic Jack, it might sound pretty bad too. lol

    The Magic Jack has its own CLEC (phone company), so it travels on regular telco phone lines almost all the way there. Skype uses the internet almost all the way, which is why it is much less predictable on the voice quality of its connections.

    If you do travel a lot (especially overseas), the Magic Jack will quickly pay for itself. I don't think you could use your hotel phone with Skype. Who likes using a headset all of the time?

    I almost bought a Skype-enabled phone, but now glad that I got a Magic Jack instead (saved me about $100 right there).

    You can go to any Wal-Mart and probably see the above Skype phone in person, or you can just download the software and try it out. You'd have to wait a few days, however, for your Magic Jack order to arrive...

    I've tried both and, to me, Magic Jack is clearly the winner - by a Mile! (Skype fans will NOT like hearing that I'm sure.)

    But, YMMV (Your Mileage May Vary).

    Good Luck!

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    Which is better? Skype or Magic Jack?

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    Skype is much more popular than magic jack.

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    I always skype And it is awesome. I Love Skype!!!!!!! I have never heard of Majic jack but If I haven't heard of it. it probably isn't good. I would use skype if I were you.

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    I recommend skype, especially if you have myspace.

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