How do i change my skateboard bearings?

Do i have to have new bearings for each new set of wheels i get?

Also what abec should i get for new bearings and is the brand 'lucky' any good i found them in my magazine thrasher


this is sort of 2 questions in 1 any1 know any good english/british skateboarding magazines cos the american magazine thrasher is REALLI expensive here in dubai!!!!!!

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    take of the wheels and its the bit inside the hole of the wheel

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    You can keep the same bearings when you change wheels. Properly cared for bearings should last a year or two. I go through a set of wheels about every other month and I get two sets a year from my sponsor. Even with the discount on additional sets, that would set me back quite a bit. If you ride on different wheels for different surfaces, you might want to get a set of bearings for each different set of wheels you use. It will save you time in switching out the bearings whenever you use a different set of wheels.

    I'd stay away from the Lucky bearings. The ABEC 5 and 7 bearings are not serviceable, so there is no yat to clean and lube the bearings. The Lucky Swiss might be good, but I don;t know anyone who has tried them. If you want a good value bearing, go with Bones Reds. If you want the best, use Pig Swiss

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    You get 8 bearings in a pack, two for each wheel. All you need to do to change them is take your wheels off then replace the bearings with a skate tool. Lucky is a good brand and so is black panthers and speed demons, get abec 5 or 7. I don't know anything about mags in dubai.

  • The use of tossed out bearings on a potentially life threatening transportation medium capable of speeds over 40 miles per hour (down hill) is silly. Certainly it cannot be recommended.

    I tossed out a bearing once for my Norton Commando (a kind of motorcycle). I had had a very bad day (someone had shot me recently and I had been d ate r ape d rugged as well ). And so I hit that bearing with a hammer.

    Anyone who picks trash might have used that bearing I suppose, but at his own peril. Though it spun well it was no doubt possibly if not likely dammaged by the blows, and might have exploded in use.

    Bearings can be made easier than one might think.

    If you want to discuss this write me at I used to work for the defence department as an Advisor here. One of my companies made bearings.

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    u dont hav to get new bearings for new sets of wheels you can just transfer the old ones

    my mates all used abec 7 when they wer skatin

    jus take the wheel off n giv it a whack on floor n the bearingsl pop out

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    yea lucky is a good brand i use them alot. just make sure you dont get a low abec i usually get like 7

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    take the nut off

    do you really need to renew? take the bearings out of the wheels and wash them in paraffin, after when dry give a squirt of WD40 and put them back.

    if you renew, is best to do whole set, false economy not to.

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    ricta wheels

    bones reds bearings

  • Juan O
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    1 decade ago

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