how many companies made by thomas edison?

i want to know the number of the companies made by thomas edison

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    According to,

    1. Pope, Edison and Co. (October 1869)

    2. Pope, Edison and Co. merges with the Gold and Stock Telegraph Co. (1870)

    3. Newark Telegraph Works in Newark, NJ.

    4. American Telegraph Works

    5. Laboratory in Menlo Park, NJ (1876)

    6. The Edison Speaking Phonograph Co. (1878)

    7. The Edison Electric Light Co. (Nov. 15, 1878)

    8. The Edison Electric Illuminating Company of New York

    9. The Edison Machine Works

    10. The Edison Electric Tube Company

    11. The Edison Lamp Works

    12. The Edison General Electric Co. merged with Thomson-Houston in 1892 to become General Electric Co.

    13. A new, larger laboratory in West Orange, NJ (1887)

    14. National Phonograph Co. (1896)

    15. The Edison Ore-Milling Co. (1881)

    16. The New Jersey and Pennsylvania Concentrating Works (1889)

    17. The Edison Portland Cement Co. (1899)


    ( The following excerpt is taken from )


    - Edison Speaking Phonograph Co. incorporated April 24.


    - Organizes the Edison Ore Milling Company.


    - Creates the Edison Electric Lamp Co., the Edison Machine Works and other companies to produce his electric lighting system.


    - Opens a commercial electric station in New York City with approximately 85 customers.


    - Edison Phonograph Co. formed in October.


    - Edison General Electric formed in April.

    - Edison Manufacturing Co. is organized.


    - Forms the National Phonograph Co. with the purpose of manufacturing phongraphs for home use on January 27.


    - Edison Manufacturing Co. incorporated on May 5.


    - Company reorganized into Thomas A. Edison, Inc.

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