microsoft promotion award team, is it true? i need an answer with some facts i can really believe in.

i got this kind of emails just now. is it true?

does the miscrosoft promotion award team really in the 20 Craven Park, Harlesden, London NW10, United Kingdom ?

check this out :

Dear Lucky Winner:

I Mr. David Moore, your Claim facilitator officer, had been directed to release your payment cheque to you as soon as possible, immediately I receive your email.

This is to formerly inform you that after the verification process conducted on your duly completed Prize Verification Form, I wish to inform you that the Administrative department has just approved and referred your claim file to our affiliate Courier company, so that your Prize Winning Certificate and Cheques can be sent to you by postal mail but you shall bear the cost of courier delivery of your cheque and Prize Winning Certificate

These Draws are commemorative and as such special. Please note that your lucky winning number falls within our Africa booklet representative in West Africa as indicated in your play coupon, In view of this, your US$1,000,000.00 (One Million United States Dollars) cheque would be released to you in our West Africa Payment Office.

Our Delivery Officer in our West Africa Payment Office would be delivering your cheque to you through DHL Courier to your respective city or locations in your country. He would need;

• Your Phone number:......

• Your Postal address for Verification:.......

• DHL Courier Delivery Fee of $290 US Dollars. (Two Hundred and Ninety US Dollars).

Send the delivery fees through Western Union Money Transfer or MONEYGRAM, to my secretary Mr Malawy Oliver. Find below the details of the receiver:


ADDRESS: 223, Dutse way, Wuse Zone 1,

Jos, Nigeria.



Immediately the Payment is made, You are to send the below payment information to my office Via E-mail given below for verification:

Name: David Moore


The required Information include:

1) Name and Address of sender

2) Amount sent

3) Money transfer control number (MTCN)

4) Location were money was sent from.


This will enable us facilitate the release of your winning certificate and the cheque.

After making the payment, you are advised to send me a copy of the transfer slip immediately or call me on 234 8055 6430 37 for verification.

We congratulate you as one of the Microsoft And AOL award International On-line Sweepstakes Lottery Winner.

N.B: Your winning Award Certificate would be sent with your Cheque. Hence, without the winning certificate presented at your local bank, you won't be able to claim the money and it might causes a lot of delay as this is a crossed cheque. You can receive the money in any country in the world.

Thanks for your cooperation. Note, it is not possible for me to deduct the DHL DELIVERY fee from your winning cheque because it has been issued and sent to me by the general overseer Mrs. Susan Lars, in conjunction with the A.B.N AMRO Bank financial. In this case, you are required to pay this fee to get your winning cheque as soon as possible.

Please note that on no condition or circumstance must you reveal your winning ticket number to any one for this organisation shall not by in anyway be held responsible for double claiming/misappropriation of funds. You have to keep your winning information secret until you are done.

Note: Remember to send the payment details to Immediately the payment is made.


Yours faithfully,

Mr David Moore,


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  • Edd e
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    1 decade ago
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    This is a scam "Phishing" (fishing) for your private information These deceptive emails are used to commit identity theft, do not respond see link below to see what microsoft say about this.

    You can report this with the mail abuse form below.

  • Erika
    Lv 4
    4 years ago

    Microsoft Promotion

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    It's a scam, buddy. Neither Microsoft nor AOL hold any sweepstakes like that. Apart from anything else, look at the poor language used. Have nothing to do with it.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    You must believe in fairy tales, because this is most certainly a fairy tale, or what is better known as SPAM! There is no such thing as the Microsoft/AOL, or Microsoft promotion award blah blah blah. There is NO free money.

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