MEN- Do you really care what your woman is wearing?

I pay lots of attention to style and what I wear, it's fun to me. I'm not obsessing about it and I can be low maintnance. But my BF I dont' think would notice if I wore a grocery bag or a new most guys really not pay attention to that at all? Do you appreciate when your girl get's dressed up?

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    hahah! I love the response above from 'laughing'. My BF seems to notice too in terms of brassieres and panties. I think however there are times that he really doesn't notice other attire. I'm such a nut though, that i feel sad if I put on something really pretty and he doesn't comment on it and alternatively, think he's just trying to make me feel good when I have a pair of sweats on and he says I look beautiful - go figure!

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    I'm not a man, but my BF says he notices everything I wear. But says that he just doesn't comment about everything. I said OK then what was I wearing this morning? He described my panties & bra perfectly! So he may notice if you didn't dress for him.

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    Omg yes my bf cares ALOT! He is 32 Im 21 & he hates when I wear things 2 tight or 2 low (my body is a little 'special' if you will lol) so its hard 2 fit. Most guys like when girls wear white or pink (or both 2gether) its pure & girlie. Also they like classy stuff like from Express, it makes them feel out of your league & they work harder 2 please you ;)

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    yeah she can't go nowhere looking like a little trashy *****.

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    **** i just say something to make them feel good about wat they r wearing otherwise idc

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