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what are some of your favorite songs

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    Six Feet Under the Stars- All Time Low

    The Great Escape- Boys Like Girls

    Hero/Heroine- Boys Like Girls

    Check Yes Juliet- We the Kings

    All Again For You- We the Kings

    Secret Valentine- We the Kings

    Morning Calls- Dashboard Confessional

    Screaming Infidelities- Dashboard Confessional

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    Here's a list:

    Lisahall - I Know I Can Do It

    Imogen Heap - Speeding Cars

    Imogen Heap - The Walk

    宇多田ヒカル - Simple and Clean (PLANITb remix)

    The Cat Empire - 'Til the Ocean Takes Us All

    The Hush Sound - You Are The Moon

    Lovedrug - Happy Apple Poison

    Lovedrug - Casino Clouds

    ANNA TSUCHIYA - I'm Addicted To You

    the brilliant green - Brownie the cat~魅惑の猫ルーム

    But my absolute favorite song would have to be A Distorted Reality Is Now a Necessity to Be Free by Elliott Smith.


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    A Millie- LiL Wayne

    Phone Home- LiL Wayne

    Lollipop- LiL Wayne

    Love Him Like I Do- Dietrich Hadden

    Gossip- LiL Wayne

    Girlfriend- Alicia Keys

    Kush- LiL Wayne

    Calm Down- Joe Buddens

    I Need You Bad- Jasmine Sullivan

    Im Grown- Tiffany Evans

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    thats not my name ting tings

    singing in the rain mint royale

    wonderwall Oasis

    Jumping all over the world Scooter

    Low Flo-rida

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  • love at first fright - murderdolls

    i love that song, i think its amazing.



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