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Do you think we were meant to wear clothes?

We were born naked so we were meant to stay naked. Clothes cover up our beautiful bodies which were meant to be shown. Also the cold air feels wonderful on your skin. Also there'd be no fashion and people wouldn't be spending so much money on clothes. Why would we have such a beautiful body if it was meant to be hidden under clothes? (I'm naked right now.)


I understand wearing clothes to keep warm, but in the summer when its how there's no point to them

Update 2:

Also people would get raped less because part of the reason people get raped is so the raper can see them naked.

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    We are not hairy enough to resist the winters without covering of some sort and not everyone can withstand the sun's UV in the summer.

    Sure if we wet naked as a society the weaker people would die off and perhaps the stronger people will survive. If not then all humans will die.

    We may get hairier. Our nervous systems may become more resilient.

    But currently we are not capable of surviving as a species if we all go naked.

    But on the other hand, there is nothing worng with the naked body. It is what people choose to think about the naked body that is wrong.

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    I'll defer to Genesis on this one. When Adam and Eve first entered the Garden of Eden they were naked and unashamed. It wasn't until they ate the forbidden fruit that they realized, and felt shame for, their nudity. Therefore I believe that the devil makes us wear clothes. :)

    I'm a nudist myself and I go nude every chance I get. I feel that's the way I should be. That's how I'm comfortable. Though it took a born-and-raised nudist roommate to make me fully realize that, deep down I've always felt better without clothing (though I was less open to experessing that to others before I got to know my roommate in college). So, while I can't answer for everyone, I believe I was meant to not wear clothes.

    I don't agree with your rape statement, however, on the same grounds that the courts have continually upheld against rape defences--rapists have psychological issuse that makes them feel a need to exert power over innocent victims. It has nothing to do with just seeing someone naked, it is a sickness that drives the attacker to overpower and humiliate another person for his own satisfaction. The courts have ruled that the defense that a woman was asking to be raped by the way she dressed is bogus. Even if we were all naked, all the time, there would probably still be rapes, unfortunately.

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    I'm naked almost all the time. I only dress when I have to go out or visitors come over. I'll dress more as it gets colder, but that be a few more months. Until then I'll enjoy being nude as much as I can. I'm nude now too!!

    Rape has nothing to do with just wanting to see people naked. It has to do with power. Rapists, by and large, don't rape just to have sex. They view raping a person as a means to exert control. If they just wanted to see people naked they would just tear the clothes off their victims.

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    I honestly don't see much need to wear clothes except to keep warm in the winter. We probably evolved to have less hair when we did start wearing clothes and didn't need fur to stay warm. If it weren't for the law, I'd go naked this summer since it is so incredibly hot outside. It would really help us save on energy trying to stay decently cool.

    Naked is natural, and being ashamed of it is absolutely unnatural.

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    I don't believe in "meant to", since it implies some kind of creator or design. If you believe in evolution (please tell me that you do), then you know that our ancestors were monkey-style hairy and we are not, because homo sapiens is a result of many adaptations including the adaptation to wearing clothing.

    I like to be naked too, but not in the cold, and not when I'm running. I have bits that swing (quite a lot actually, ahem!) and they're not comfortable at speed; I imagine that goes double for big-breasted ladies after their teenage years.

    p.s. there's nothing wrong with spending money on clothes, if we didn't then how would our money get redistributed to low-income communities in Malaysia.

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    Adam and Eve are described in the Bible as being naked and unashamed. In a world with a perfect climate, clothes would perhaps be worn ornamentally rather than functionally (I think, for example, of the Amazon jungle). However, clothes are needed to protect us from the burning rays of the sun, from heavy rainfall, from the biting cold of winter...And not all of us have bodies as beautiful as yours. Some people look rather unprepossessing with clothes on and I would prefer to be spared the sight of their naked flesh.

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    Cold air does not feel good where I live (IN).....if we all lived near the equator maybe. That's great that you're naked behind your computer but please stay there.

    Edit: The biggest issue (even if we were in a year round tropical climate) is the spread of disease. Even those areas where they wear very little, the genitals are covered.

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    No I think that when we don't need clothes, I'd be best not to wear them. We were made naked until sin made us want clothes. Also its weird that some materials give us rashes. I'd much rather be naked.

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    particular. it is why we are the "bare Ape." the different animals tailored to their environments. Humankind progressed a sparkling area of interest by way of adapting our instantaneous atmosphere to us. anybody makes use of clothing, and not in ordinary terms for temperature regulation, conserving epidermis from sunlight injury, cuts and bruises and scuffling with greater bouncing of particular physique factors than is delicate. clothing is additionally used for adornment, for ritual, to indicate status--and the place there's a sophisticated adequate custom to have branch of hard paintings, to % out experts. and each physique unearths belts and shoulder slings smart for wearing reachable products. human beings in climates the place staying heat isn't substantial interior the daylight hours tend to placed on much less clothing, yet they continuously have some, whether they do no longer placed on it each and all of the time. and whether it would not cover what the Brits call "the naughty bits."

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    I fully agree with you. We wouldn't have been given amazing bodies if we were meant to cover them up. I'll admit any time I'm alone, I'm naked. It makes me feel free being naked.

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