How long does an ssn card last "that says valid for work only with authorization form dhs."

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    The card lasts forever (SSNs are assigned for life) but is more limited in its uses than a card without that mention.

    You can get that mention removed from your card as soon as you become a permanent resident (green card holder) or a US citizen.

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    Ssn Validity

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    Once you have that number tattooed to you it lasts forever. But you can only use it to work (ie. you can't collect social security benefits). and you can only work with a valid work visa.

    If you become a citizen, you can get a new SSN card that will have those restrictions removed from it.

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    Until you become Permanent Resident or US Citizen. Then you apply and get a new card without the limitation, although the same number.

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  • 1 decade ago

    as long as your employment authorization is valid, when you become a naturalized citizen the SSA will remove that statement from your card.

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