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What Should I name my hamster and what kind of hamster should it be?

My hamster of 2 years just passed and I am considering welcoming another furry friend into my family. I have had several types of hamsters and I loved them all, but what kind do you recommend for me this time? I need a hamster that can go back and forth between houses and can stand being alone for a day or two.

I would also like to have some ideas for the hamster's name.

Please help, thanks!

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    hmmm. a cambell hamster would be great!.. but make sure it has ALOT of toys and tubes exspecially if you will be going away or anything..they are very active animals and unlike most dwarf species you can hold them for quite a bit..they should be fine going to house to house to house haha.. since they are more prone to diabetes than wet tail which is caused by stress.. (symptoms of diabetes would be drinking more than usaul) to prevent it dont give it alot of treats (1 or 2 somtimes3 treats evry week..) any kind of syrian hamster would be fine but maybe not.. because syrian hamsters which are.. teddy bear, black bear, long haired, panda bear ext. ext. get wet tail VERRRYY easily,so the whole thing about taking it back and forth between house to house could give it stress and wet tail and die... :(..i had to learn the hard way....so i would deffitnetly recomend the campbell dwarf hamster! as for names.. i would wait till u get it becuz these hamsters vary in colors like the syrians and they all have differnt personallities.. but here are a few..izzy,ozzie,mo-mo,pixie,roxie,scottie,dash,winkie,pepper,

    sha-nai-nai,ci-ci,pumpkin, checker(s),peanut,ralphi,cookie,moka,rockie,spinx,spanx,skipper,.also you can go on google and type in "hamster names" have fun! hope this was of some help!

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    I'd consider a male Russian dwarf hamster or a common Syrian hamster.

    A Good name that show how the hamster acts is nice like Nipper, Snoozer, Chestnut.

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    Black bear hamster ARE real. How about a Syrian hamster? Once you tame it, it's tame for life, and a good furry critter. They are very kind, and nice. Try it! Name it fruit names, or flowers, or how about nut names? ALMOND!

  • Black bear hamsters aren't even a breed.

    If you are knowledgeable about all 5 breeds then you should pick the one you like the most.

    I suggest a Cambell's Russian Hamster,

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    sure get the comparable style because of the fact the male biscuit blitz boots browni bubba chico Frisky Frodo lux oreo mocha cappuccino roxy billabong alpine remi rengi sparky sparkle action picture star ringo banjo fortunate cozmo gizmo frosty snowball snowy google female hamster names

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    Blackbear Hamsters are cooll.

  • well if it is a girl i would name it either lilly,milly,tilly,ivy,izzy,opal,olivia,lisa,ellie,honey,dizzy,flossy and monica.

    if you get a boy here are some names


    barney and homer

    i would get either a syrian or 2 russian dwarf hammies

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