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Is "starvation mode" just a big hoax?

In January I went on a diet for 3-4 weeks, something like that. I ate around 800 calories a day, often quite a bit less.

I loss 15-20 pounds in that time,with absolutely NO exercise, and DIDN'T GAIN ANYTHING BACK.

I again, am doing something similar, and have lost 8 lbs. in a week.

From personal experience i see no "starvation mode" happening when I go on a strict diet, my body works how it should.(though i am on thyroid medication, and it may have something to do with it, but i didn't start on it until April, so the weight loss in January is still a valid point that "starvation mode" is all a bunch of bull.)

So does this mean that all the "starvation mode" crap thrown around here is just a bunch of BS?

What's the point in spending a whole lot of time losing weight "the healthy way", when you can do it another way that will bring results so much faster?

I would honestly like to know what most find more important, fast results, or better health?

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    I also believe it to be something some people heard and ran with it. I cut my calories WAY WAY back as well, lost a considerable amount of weight... when I reached my goel weight, I indulged in my favorite foods, and probably went a little over board for about a week, then just kept it at about 1600 calories a day.... compared to the 600 I was eating for months. I didn't gain any weight back either.....

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    It's not a hoax, it's just misunderstood.

    If a person drastically reduces their calorie intake of course they will lose weight, however chances are a higher percentage of your weight loss was not from fat but lean mass.....that is muscle, bone and water loss. You can end up losing more lean mass than fat and therefore have a higher percentage of body fat even though you look thinner and weigh less.

    You should keep track of your body fat percentage, not just your weight.

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