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Dropping Sizes Fast!

I had my third baby girl in Dec of 07. My weight now is 182 lbs. and I am usually 130 lbs. I can not loose the weight now that I am a stay home mom attending college. My fiances friend had someone back out of her wedding. The wedding is in beginning of Sept. She is asking me to fit the dress! She don't have time or money for a new one and definately don't have time. I think I can loose weight through Atkins, which I started yesterday. Anybody know any rules that I can NOT possible break? Because I am very nervous of all this calorie intake and them have it not work would be disasterous. I am already too big. Is water the only think I can drink, can I have tea?

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    Well, I get that question a lot from many people I help.

    I'll eventually tell you how to lose more weight in a healthy way and maintain it for many years.

    In the mean time, here is how to lose weight quickly.

    First, eat a small portion 6 times a day, every three hours.

    Second, drink lots of water- 8 glasses a day.

    Third, cut down on soda and switch to diet soda or even water.

    Fourth, do NOT skip breakfast.

    Fifth, eat lean meat such as chicken and turkey.

    Sixth, do not eat within two hours before going to bed.

    Seventh, carry healthy snacks such as fruits and baby carrots.

    Eighth, start running 30 minutes a day, 5 times a week.

    Last, sleep at least 8 hours day. Lack of sleep makes you eat more.

    If you have any more questions,

    ASK me on MY Blog,

    I'll answer as much as possible.

    Good luck.

    Source(s): Lots of Research & Personal Experience that enabled me to have 2% body fat with a six-pack.
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    Hmm, well you just need to work hard and make it fun. Losing weight shouldn't be stressful, it has to be almost a game. You can have tea, but go light on the sweetners or go for Green Tea or Chai Tea. You can also have healthy fruit juices and skim milk, that's all fine. These aren't rules either, don't think of them that way. Atkins is crap, don't go on that diet, it's dumb, they'd rather you eat bacon than a whole grain slice of bread.Do this the right way, workout about 45 minutes a day, at a fixed heart rate, I'm going to guess that you're highest fat burning point is around 120. Try to stay at that heart rate, or around it. Doing too much just burns carbs, which won't help much. Eat as healthy as you can. Eat whole grain everything possible, natural peanut butter, nuts, healthy breakfast bars like Luna bars or Curves bars, maybe egg beaters instead of eggs in the mornings, lots of fruits and vegatables. Try to make sure there is some color on every plate, if you're eating everything beige, there is a problem. Check the boxes on things before you buy them, be sure what you're buying is low in sat and trans fats, those are the bad ones! Hit up the natural food stores, almost everything in there is super healthy and filled with all the nutrients you need. Good luck, have fun losing and you'll get your goal!

  • This is what I know about Atkins, if that is your path.

    You must follow the diet precisely in order for it to work because it relies on a chemical reaction, based on the foods in each stage, to produce results.

    Atkins is a lifestyle diet. When you quit following the Atkins diet you will gain back most if not all of the weight you lost and fairly quickly.

    I lost a fair amount of weight on Atkins and do not recommend it unless you are planning to eat this way for the rest of your life.

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    Start off slowly, if you try to do too much you will fail. So begin by cutting out one thing this week, when you've got used to that, add in some exercise, something you enjoy which doesn't wear you out too much, then cut out something else and so on. You won't even notice the small changes in your lifestyle but you'll soon notice the effects.

    Good luck! And remember if you do fall off the wagon, get straight back on it!

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    i don't be attentive to how a lot weight may well be going from a length 8-9 to a length 3-4,even yet it sort of feels to me that, that is a lot to lose in 2 months, why do no longer you talk on your mum and dad and attempt happening a eating regimen supervised via an authority,

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