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What does the whole *drink* thing mean?



Ahh. Thanks.

Update 2:

Oops. Guess I did it then.

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    It really is something that someone says when they answer a really repetitive question about twilight. It is supposed to annoy the person that asked the question and give them a taste of their own medicine. Let's just say someone asked "What is Twilight about?" and they didn't look it up in the search bar (because about a million people have asked that) Then someone would answer the question and put *drink* at the end. Hope i helped!

  • People who are annoyed with Twilight question wish to give the posters a "taste of their own medicine" so they repeatedly answer all of the Twilight questions with the word 'drink'. They want us to use the Search Bar and look at old questions instead of asking it and getting new answers and opinions.

    Technically the would *drink* to this question since it was repeatedly asked yesterday when they started doing the whole stupid *drink* thing.

    It's a game that started in the Religion and Spirituality section.

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    It's added to an answer when the question has been asked before. There are too many Twilight questions that have been asked over and over again. It is a game of sorts, that was used in another section of Yahoo Answers and some here have now adopted.

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    People put 'drink' as an answer to Twilight questions that have been asked before! its stupid if you ask me.. but it is fun.. lol

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