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Im having a garage sale and want to know what to put out for sale.

The sale will be in Mo. and I have tons of baby clothes and boy and girl clothes both winter and summer wich season do you think people will be more willing to buy. Also it is a multi family sale where I have been doing all the work/cleaning/pricing/set up and will run the sale myself but everyone expects the full amount of there sales should I even bother, is it worth my time.

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    Put anything and everything in a garage sale. One person's junk is another person's treasure. Most sale's do better in spring or late summer. Put all seasons clothes out there. They will probably sale. Oh, and if you are doing all the work for this garage sale, they should give you at least some of their profit. Good luck.

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    The best time to do a garage sale would be in spring because everyone is out looking for garage sales, And with garage sales you can't expect everything to go, you may need to do two or more to get all the stuff gone, who knows. But Those people that expect a full sale of there stuff, forget it, it dosen't happen. Tell them that and see what they decide. Good luck.

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