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Did you/would you have your child circumcised?

I was circumcised and wish I wasn't. The foreskin makes the penis glide better when having sex so there's no friction and makes it better for the women. Its also better for the man because the foreskin has very sensitive nerve endings to make sex more pleasurable. People say it can get infected but thats simply not true. The surgery is an unnecessary risk. The most important thing to remember is "Why would it be there if there was no use for it?"


The parents shouldn't decide for the child, they should let the child decide when there older and they should get both sides of the story, not just your opinion.

Update 2:

Some people are saying that it hurts if you get it done when your older, but it hurts just as much if you get it done as baby. There's a reason they don't let parents in to see it done, its because the baby is in so much pain.

Update 3:

I'm Jewish and still don't think it should be done.

Update 4:

I think the foreskin should stay intact so please stop trying to convince me, make your answers directed at the world, not at me.

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    My son isn't circumcised an neither am I. I have never had a problem with my penis, so I have a hard time with the you'll get infected or any other of the myths out there.

    A couple things I read above...

    The boy who was circumcised at 2 because his foreskin wouldn't retract, well it is not suppose to retract at that age.

    As for the woman who said most uncircumcised men will need it done later. That is total BS. There are 660 Million circumcised men in the world, but there are 2.7 Billion uncircumcised men in the world. Of the 660 Million most of them are American's or Muslims. The United States is the only first world country where the majority of boys are circumcised.

    As for the pain of adult circumcision. That is BS too. There is ZERO evidence that circumcision is any less painful as a infant. There are two major differences:

    1. Adult circumcision will provide pain killers that are too strong for an infant.

    2. Adult circumcision will not have to rip the foreskin away from the penis head, as it will have already detached by adult hood. The foreskin is fused to the head the same way a fingernail is attached.

    I really don't understand the whole you won't remember it thing either. I have hurt myself bad a few times, and the memory of the pain is nothing. It was at the time that it really sucked. At least an adult knows why they are in pain and by their OWN choice.

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    I chose to get circumcised at the age of 19 and totally regret it! My penis was small anyway but now it looks even smaller! I've noticed a significant loss of sensation in the head of the penis! Which is now all shrivelled and hardened! I found masturbation and sex to be far superior when uncircumcised, so I left my sons (aged 1&3) uncut so they can have the same pleasures and choice that I once did!

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    The reply to that's no. Because for the approach to be neccissary the little one might must have a clinical drawback on the time to want the circumcision and boys are not born with foreskin disorders. I might not ever in one million years circumcise my son, I used to be mutilated as an child and not ever might do this to my possess little one. Circumcision takes away a ton of sensitivity, feeling and role, I could not take that clear of my little one. Plus who am I to reduce ingredients of my childs healthful frame with out his permission? I do understand the longer term results of it as I have needed to reside with them for 18 years and can must reside with them for the leisure of my existence. -Connor

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    Of course not. I don't believe in performing cosmetic surgery on the genitals of infants, male *or* female. My son will have his foreskin--his body, his choice.

    I think routine infant circumcision is a barbaric procedure. The foreskin is an integral part of a normal penis. It's not a vestigial piece of skin that serves no purpose.

    It's very easy to clean--just wipe it off. And for folks who think children have to retract by the age of two--that's incorrect information. Many boys aren't fully retractile until puberty.

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    That's a big HELL NO! Why would I want to hurt my baby for no medical reason? Causing pain to an infant so that he will look like the majority is not only stupid but immoral. It's his penis, not mine!

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    I was circumcised at birth, but I won't do that to my kid. It's his penis, not mine. Having someone else circumcised is just wrong unless for a religious or medical reason.

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    No, I would not. I am shocked at the terrible nature of the replies of the women thinking they can make this choice for their babies and telling you that you are a freak for resenting missing part of your penis. I am so sorry you were circumcised.

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    Neither of my sons (nor my daughter) are circumcised and my baby-to-be will be left intact too. I would never force a tiny baby to endure needless pain to remove a normal, healthy, USEFUL body part.

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    No i did not get it done for my son...I heard about circumcision just in America...the other parts of the world people don't get it done and i'm sorry but I have'nt heard of any infections.

    It seems ridiculous to me.

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    I saw no need to circumcise my son.. why cut off something they are born with? thats mutilation. If it wasnt meant to be there, they wouldnt be born with it.. there are some risks and yes some men do have problems but its their choice if they want to remove it later on in life.. my father, my brother, my husband and his brother, father are all uncircumcised and they are perfectly fine.. didnt have problems.. and someone mentioned the cleaning aspect.. yes some kids dont clean very well, but thats why you TEACH them to clean themselves.. if my 9 year old son wasnt washing properly then i would just do it myself.. and i know many moms who do that.. you teach them the importance of cleaning their privates well, just as my mom did for me, being a girl... young girls are just as prone to infections as uncircumcised boys are.. why is it any different?

    Source(s): my family is uncircumcised and proud of it!
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