Is there anyway I can make my internet go faster while using my xbox and computer together?

I have at&t dsl everytime I'm on the xbox and somebody gets on the computer or laptop my xbox connection lags and the internet on the computer or laptop goes slow. So my question is there anyway to make it go faster without adding an extra telephone line. I have the 2wire modem and the xbox connected to it and my computer and laptop are wireless. Oh and also if somebody is on the computer and laptop together it goes slow.

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  • DKHM
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    1 decade ago
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    You need a real router. There are several to choose from that are compatible with xbox:

    I recommend something by Linksys such as the WRT54GS.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    i have the same problem with my ps3 and computer first of all download 'DAP' (go on google then find it) then when its downloaded open it up and register then it will say search at the top somewhere and use that as a seach engine and everytime u download something u can put a speed limit on it like 20kb and then on the laptop it can be using 10kb for its stuff and the xbox can have the rest of the bandwidth

    also try getting a 8mb modem and for ur wireless modem go to and make sure your computer and xbox is on suing the internet then add both of the devices to the router / modem

    but i think its best if u just get faster internet and a good wireless router because the xbox's use alot of bandwidth just to play online

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  • hamson
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    4 years ago

    Sorry to assert it yet no. Your bf will would desire to purchase a separate on the spot adapter for his 360 if he desires to bypass wifi. that is a discomfort and each so often domicile telephones or radios will throw off the relationship by wifi. the best case answer is an instantaneous Ethernet cable for this reason ensuring that it does not falter

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