What happens to my spouse status if I as a G-4 holder get a green card?

Right now, we are both G-4 visa holders. I work for an International organization. I may potentially receive a green card in the next 2 months, but I'll still work at the same international organization. What will happen to my spouse's status and work eligibility? Will she be able to work and attend school?


Green card will be received through an independent AOS application previously applied for. Spouse currently has a green card pending from her mother (her mother applied a petition as a green card holder, but her mother is now a citizen).


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    The answer is: it depends. That is, it depends on why you "may potentially receive a green card in the next 2 months." Is it because you won the lottery, or because you will receive one due to an existing family member's U.S. immigration status? Because the wait time and application process for your spouse would be somewhat different as a result. If your spouse ultimately receives a green card, then she can work wherever she pleases and attend whatever school she pleases. As you are likely aware, the G-4 regulations are more strict concerning attending school.

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    If she has her own independent G4, you becoming Green Card Holder doesn't have any affect on her visa.

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