2006 Mercury Optimax 115 wire question!

There is a little brown wire that goes from the front of my motor all around the side and to the back. It has inline male/female plugs along the way, but the end of it is just laying around. It looks as if it went somewhere as there are wires sticking out of it. It is just a single wire. Any ideas where this wire goes?

It was at the shop, and i guess they left this wire off.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    There are 2 things that this wire could be for.If it is a dark brown wire,it

    is the trim sender wire for a trim gauge.If you have no trim gauge in your boat then it does not need to be hooked up.If the wire is a light brown or tan in colour then this wire is for a tempature gauge and again

    if you do not have one then it will not be hooked up.I hope this helps.

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