I want to be a surrogate mother.

I want to be a surrogate mother but I have never delivered a baby. Is this possible? I have a heart for gay couples who want to have a family but can't, and so I am considering being a surrogate mother. I am not exactly sure what the requirements are.

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    That site is really helpful in explaining the process.

    I also plan on becoming a gestational surrogate as soon as i'm done having children of my own. That is where they only use donor egg and donor sperm. I have family members that can't conceive on their own and I saw the heartache they went through... Yes, they have children of their own now, but I could still help other couples. Plus... I love being pregnant.

    Usually they won't let you become a surrogate if you haven't had children before. They like to see what kind (if any) complications you will have. They also prefer you to be married and with insurance. The family to get the child has to pay for EVERYTHING and usually they like to minimalize the costs.

    If your heart is really set on it, go for it! I'm sure a loving couple would accept.

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    Having not had children before it is unlikely that you would be able to be a surrogate (whether traditional:your egg or gestational:donor or intended mothers egg). There have been situations where this is allowed when being done for a family member, but rare. With everything involved, cost, emotions, etc they (Dr's and intended parents) need to know that you can successfully carry a pregnancy to term, without complications and if you'd had a child before you would have a better idea of what it's like to hand that child over.

    There are many restrictions in becoming a surrogate: age, BMI, health history, pregnancy history, must pass psych exams, be tested for STD's, and more. Most agencies require you to be married or have a stable long term supportive partner and I've never seen an agency that doesn't require you to have had at least one child.

    Here are several sites with great info:




    Source(s): 3x gestational surrogate & 4x egg donor
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    I easily have a pal who exchange right into a surrogate. She did it for a pair she did no longer know. She instructed me as quickly as that it replaced into less difficult to permit the youngster bypass to somebody she wasn't close too yet via fact the delivery she's exchange into an extremely stable pal of their families. frequently the mother and dad are to blame for protecting the cost of scientific care and fees. i do no longer think of there is something incorrect with being compensated for having to hold anothers infant for 9 months. My pal suggested once you're open adequate to try this enable the mother and dad to be there for dr. appts. scientific institution visits or maybe the delivery. If in any respect plausible do no longer use your eggs it is might mean sending a factor of you away it is complicated to do. it is a noble component your pondering yet ensure you get the superb couple. one that isn't see you as a threat. My acquaintances present knows her via fact the guy who helped carry her into the worldwide.

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    Well, that's nice of you. Couldn't you get an egg from the lady (gay couple) and get a sperm from a good close friend of theirs (or vice versa) and THEN be the person in between without donating ur own egg? If that's possible then .... u ought to do what is right in ur heart.

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    I'm sure your reasons are well meaning...and it's very noble of you but it's true that it is something that you really need to think about. If you are doing it for friends who can't get pregnant and it is their sperm and egg then i can understand wanting to help them...but it will still be you that has to go through all of the bonding that comes with a pregnancy even if it is biologically not yours....

    Maybe look into talking to women who have been through it already to get some feedback.

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    I strongly suggest that you don't.

    There are big issues for the children of surrogates. Besides, there are millions of children in foster care and orphanages...no reason to rent out your womb. The main issue, however, is with the child...a child who lives through you, breathes with you, develops every part of himself because of you...and then is given to someone else. That is life changing for a child...and should only be done in the most drastic of circumstances....not just so someone else can have a baby. There are already enough babies and children in the world.

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