Middle East Club Cambridge

Has anyone been to the Middle East Club in Cambridge...and if you have what is it like in the down stairs?? Im going to a show there tonight and its sold out and i didnt know if it was going to be ridiculously hot or if you are packed in there like sardines or what to expect...if anyone has pictures of the actual club not just of a band playing there that would be great...cause from the looks of it...it looks like a damn basement!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    i went to one in Massachussetts, i am not sure if the one you are talking about is the same as the one i went to, but the one i went to was a bomb..those middle east ppl know what music to dance to man!!

    it was a hell of a night, i wasnt even drunk but i looked more drunk that night than a alqaholic person seariousely!!

    next time you get a chance i tell you, you should buy the ticket and just go!!

    UUUUFFFF man, i still remember!! DARN WOW

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