Blackberry Pearl erases information when micro sd card is inserted

I have a Blackberry Pearl 8130 for work and I recently purchased a micro sd card to use for pictures & videos, which I need for my line of work. However it seems that anytime I enter my 2GB micro sd card into the phone, my call log is no longer recorded and e-mails seem to disappear. It's working great though at keeping pictures & videos!

It makes it very difficult to call people back when I have missed calls or have to reference an older e-mail.

Any ideas on what is causing this issue and any ideas on how to resolve it? I'm about ready to throw this phone out the window with all the problems it's been giving me. Thanks!


Phone has never been dropped. I am overly cautious due to the fact that it's a company phone. It spends most of its days on a desk or secured in a purse. It does like to attract paperclips from my desk though. :)

Update 2:

I do not have issues when the micro sd card is not in the phone & I am just using my phone memory. This problem occurs once the micro sd card is INSERTED into the phone. Shouldn't the sd card be enabling MORE memory and not deleting my stuff?

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    Please read this to understand the issue.

    What is Low Memory Manager?

    The Low Memory Manager is activated automatically when the available flash memory on the handheld decreases to less than 400KB. Flash memory is used to store handheld applications such as Messages, Calendar, Address Book, Tasks, Memo Pad, and third party application data.

    By removing rarely used applications and old data you can increase the amount of memory on your handheld. The Low Memory Manager begins by removing low priority items such as cached data. Medium priority items such as very old emails and out-of-date calendar entries are deleted if additional memory capacity is required. If the memory situation on the handheld becomes critical, the Low Memory Manager will cause the email application to remove emails on a last-accessed basis.

    Note: Calendar entries and emails removed by the Low Memory Manager are not reconciled back to the mail system.


    Call Log Entries and Messages Auto Delete

    Lost call log / automatically deleted call log

    Lost SMS Text Message / automatically deleted SMS Text Message

    BlackBerry Deletes Call Logs

    BlackBerry Deletes SMS

    Blackberry Deletes Email Messages


    All RIM BlackBerry devices with handheld software version 4.2 or later utilize Low Memory Manager (LMM). Once the device memory reaches a threshold of 400kb or less, LMM will automatically remove data in order of importance to free up device memory. Once the device has reached full capacity, the device will not be able to store any new data such as SMS text, email, call log entries, etc. This is a list of the items which may be deleted:

    * Low Priority: Delete attachment data, browser cache

    * Medium Priority: Delete old calendar entries

    * High Priority: Delete oldest e-mail messages

    NOTE: Saved messages will not be deleted. This list is not complete as there may be other items such as SMS text or call log entries which may be deleted.


    If the BlackBerry device becomes low on memory, perform the following

    1. Check the available memory on the RIM BlackBerry.

    2. Configure application options to reduce device memory used:

    * Configure Calendar options to keep appointments 60 Days or less.

    * Configure Call Logging options to Missed Calls or None.

    * Configure Media options for "Device Memory Limit" and "Reserved Picture Memory".

    * Configure Message options to keep messages 30 Days or less.

    * Configure Picture options to "Store Pictures" to On Media Card.

    3. Clear the browser cache and cookies.

    4. Transfer media files from the device to the computer.

    5. Delete media files, such as music, pictures, ringtones, or video

    6. Uninstall or remove programs that are not used often, such as games or third-party applications.

    7. Perform a hard reset.

    8. Check the available memory after the hard reset.

    Remove unused languages

    * For RIM BlackBerry devices using Multilanguage Handheld Software version 4.2 or later, perform the following:

    o Scroll to and select the BlackBerry Setup icon (to select press the trackball in).

    o Scroll to and select the Setup Wizard icon.

    o On the "Language Removal" screen, uncheck any languages that will not be used.

    o Complete the remainder of the Setup Wizard.

    * For RIM BlackBerry devices using Handheld Software version 4.2 or later, uninstall languages using BlackBerry Desktop Manager Application Loader.

    If the issue still persists, perform the following, checking the available memory after each step

    * Perform a hard reset.

    * Remove Phone Call and SMS log databases from the BlackBerry device using BlackBerry Desktop Manager Backup and Restore.

    * Perform an application load to erase all applications and install the latest BlackBerry Handheld Software.


    For more information on LMM see RIM Technical Knowledge Center: KB02843 and KB12383.

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    The same thing happens to my boyfriend and his sister... i think its because you might of dropped that phone alot might want to got back where you got it or call the company so they can send you a new phone

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    wrong one??

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